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  • HP or DEF

    I've been playing the game for a little while now. But just recently I was battling in the arena and I lost to a player that I assumed I was going to beat. Their tank (un-orbed) outlasted my tank (fully-orbed). So...I did what I normally do. I looked them up in the player search to check out their stats. I discovered that their tank's defense was lower than my tank's defense. Which made me lose it and wonder why I lost the "battle of the tanks". And then I noticed that their HP was EXTREMELY high. Which made me think twice. Which was more important; the defense or the hp?

    Side note: What does hp even stand for? Even though I've been playing for a little while I'm still pretty noobish.

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    I think more HP is better so that you can survive longer ?

    And HP stands for Health Points :]
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    • Terho
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      Awesome...but isn't def supposed to help you survive longer too? And thank you again for the breakdown of hp. Health points...sheesh. Lol

    • Crito
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      Yes Def helps too, but I think having high HP can make the enemies seem like they are doing little damage + having high HP deals with both physical and magic attacks :0 ?

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    Oh ok...thank you for that. I've already begun equipping gear with hp to my tanks and other heroes. I can't believe I went so long without knowing about hp.


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      It depends on your tank lol. Usually tanks like luca prioritizes hp than def/mdef to proc her action skill faster. (Her skill gives 'Cover' status to all allirs with low HP and makes all incoming damage heal for 50% of her hp)

      and btw every hero including tanks are SUPER dependent on gears. So maybe your enemy has better gear than you?
      Also, placing 'Winged Helm' or 'Heavenly Straw Hat' in the first slot of your equipment will help you sustain from the fight.


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        Whether HP or DEF is better depends on their tank and your stats. They both do similar things but from personal experience, HP tends to make you hold out for longer. However, DEF is very useful so it's best to have a good mixture of the two.

        but then again, I only started this a few days ago