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"Valkypedia" Open Beta! Give it a look and let us know what you think

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  • "Valkypedia" Open Beta! Give it a look and let us know what you think

    This is something we've been working on behind the scenes for a little while. It's basically an encyclopedia of heroes and gear in the global version of Valkyrie Connect. We plan to add more information in the future and eventually put a link to it in-game, but we want to gather feedback and make sure everything's working before then. So, take a look and let us know in this topic if you have any thoughts!
    Heroes and gear aren't updated in real-time, so the KOF heroes and such are not in the Valkypedia as of this writing. If you notice anything from a while back missing though feel free to let me know!

    A message from the dev team: we recommend using Chrome or Safari to view the Valkypedia! The layout may have some problems in other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer.


    Recently added:
    • Orb requirements for all heroes (9/28)
    Coming soon:
    • Where to obtain all heroes and gear
    Coming later:
    • Connect Boss info
    • Usage rankings
    • Status ailment info
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    Hey Darrick,

    Here's the pic of what I get on Firefox.
    It works fine on Google Chrome.
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      Great stuff ! This is gonna be great for all players. Here are my suggestions:
      • On Equipment:
        • Add a section on where/when to get said equipment. Example: Luka's Headphones on Miku Collab (2017) or Thrud's Ring (Sp.) is a orbing mission.
        • Compare ! Choose multiple equipment and compare them side by side ! (Maybe 2-3 max to compare looking at the layout)
        • Include on the Stat filter a max/min (descending), min/max (Ascending) option. This will help people keep priorities on gear leveling (I would use it).
      • On Heroes:
        • A button on each basic info that serves as a filter on equipment. Example: Luca's page - basic info - gender: female, click a button and the page goes to equipment filtered by only female usable gear. Same to Type and Race.
        • May be just me, but I'd like to see the stats of heroes before orbs. Most people do not max ALL heroes and so max orbs for a F2P is difficult to see in reality. If not, add the percentages orbs give which would give the same information.
      • Additional:
        • Buffs/Debuffs/Status Effects - description of them and a table indicating which debuffs/status effects affect/inmune to races/gender.
      Thanks for putting this together. It is difficult to get reliable info on other forums since they are all player made and most have errors.
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        Cool but it can get better ^-^
        • On Heroes:
          • Add Power Score: Initial level 1 without orb's and at 5★ max level full orb's.
          • Type of Movement: Airbrone or Earthbound.
        You can have same gear with another hero and Power score will not be same, because heroes don't have the same power score.

        For example: Power Score at max level full orb's : Valkyrie Verdandi: 25844 - Megurine Luka: 24304 - Gambler Ranco: 24315 - Mermaid Marmalade: 22742 - Alchemist Matisse: 24414
        I think it's good information. >_<
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