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"Valkypedia" Open Beta! Give it a look and let us know what you think

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    "Valkypedia" Open Beta! Give it a look and let us know what you think

    This is something we've been working on behind the scenes for a little while. It's basically an encyclopedia of heroes and gear in the global version of Valkyrie Connect. We plan to add more information in the future and eventually put a link to it in-game, but we want to gather feedback and make sure everything's working before then. So, take a look and let us know in this topic if you have any thoughts!
    Heroes and gear aren't updated in real-time, so the KOF heroes and such are not in the Valkypedia as of this writing. If you notice anything from a while back missing though feel free to let me know!

    A message from the dev team: we recommend using Chrome or Safari to view the Valkypedia! The layout may have some problems in other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer.


    Recently added:
    • Orb requirements for all heroes (9/28)
    Coming soon:
    • Where to obtain all heroes and gear
    Coming later:
    • Connect Boss info
    • Usage rankings
    • Status ailment info
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    Hey Darrick,

    Here's the pic of what I get on Firefox.
    It works fine on Google Chrome.
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      Great stuff ! This is gonna be great for all players. Here are my suggestions:
      • On Equipment:
        • Add a section on where/when to get said equipment. Example: Luka's Headphones on Miku Collab (2017) or Thrud's Ring (Sp.) is a orbing mission.
        • Compare ! Choose multiple equipment and compare them side by side ! (Maybe 2-3 max to compare looking at the layout)
        • Include on the Stat filter a max/min (descending), min/max (Ascending) option. This will help people keep priorities on gear leveling (I would use it).
      • On Heroes:
        • A button on each basic info that serves as a filter on equipment. Example: Luca's page - basic info - gender: female, click a button and the page goes to equipment filtered by only female usable gear. Same to Type and Race.
        • May be just me, but I'd like to see the stats of heroes before orbs. Most people do not max ALL heroes and so max orbs for a F2P is difficult to see in reality. If not, add the percentages orbs give which would give the same information.
      • Additional:
        • Buffs/Debuffs/Status Effects - description of them and a table indicating which debuffs/status effects affect/inmune to races/gender.
      Thanks for putting this together. It is difficult to get reliable info on other forums since they are all player made and most have errors.
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        Cool but it can get better ^-^
        • On Heroes:
          • Add Power Score: Initial level 1 without orb's and at 5★ max level full orb's.
          • Type of Movement: Airbrone or Earthbound.
        You can have same gear with another hero and Power score will not be same, because heroes don't have the same power score.

        For example: Power Score at max level full orb's : Valkyrie Verdandi: 25844 - Megurine Luka: 24304 - Gambler Ranco: 24315 - Mermaid Marmalade: 22742 - Alchemist Matisse: 24414
        I think it's good information. >_<
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          I like it and glad you recognize the need for some database of items. Thanks for making it!

          It would be great if:

          1. Rarity of item drop could be included (not the actual drop rate percentage, but more of an overall category type like, extremely rare, rare, common, etc.)
          2. There was a way to export the lists so people can create and track their own inventory from it


            Hi Darrick!, it's a wonderful (and ofc, helpful) work!, i'm currently setting a forum for my guild, so i'm thinking to develop a plugin to allow users to quote items, once the item (or anything) is quoted, players can mouseover (or tap) the quote to get all the information about the asset. So i'm wondering, is there a way to allow your Wiki to share the data using a XML, Json or any sharing method?. To be clear, i don't want you to export the data for me, i'm wondering about a feature of the wiki to allow other people to get the data remotely.

            I hope you get my point because i'm a bit tricky most of the time.
            Thanks in advance!


              Neat stuff! Besides what has been said, the only thing really missing now is all the full-scaled portraits of every hero.
              I mean, you cant draw them all if you got no source right? ||D


                Keep up the good work and updating it consistently.


                  Hi Darrick, it's me again!, some days have passed since i posted my question, and because i'm a bit restless i wrote my own script to get the data from the wiki.

                  Before go to the next step i want your thumbs up (i'm just want to be sure that i'm not breaking any rule).

                  I developed a frontend to show you what the API can do (it's work in progress but it works).

                  You can take a look here: **************

                  • Select a hero to get the data
                  • Tap anywhere to toggle the hero list
                  • Its designed for mobile but it works perfect in pc too
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