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The forums will be closing at the end of April. However, we may have an option for backing up some content.

Details are in this thread.
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[Android Issue] Inability to Update if Japanese Version is Installed

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    [Android Issue] Inability to Update if Japanese Version is Installed

    Hey guys, there is currently an issue with updating the game on Android devices if the Japanese version is installed for some reason. We're looking into this now and hope to have it fixed soon, but if you are on Android and are experiencing this issue, please do the following for now to play the latest global version of Valkyrie Connect (i.e. the one with Eva):
    • BE SURE to back up your Japanese version data to AteamID (Japanese data and global version data can both be saved to the same AteamID account)
    • Delete the Japanese version from your device
    This should allow you to at least play the game for now. Will add a reply to this topic when the issue has been solved.
    Thank you for bearing with us.

    The Android version has been updated and should now work as intended!