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The forums will be closing at the end of April. However, we may have an option for backing up some content.

Details are in this thread.
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[2018/7/5] Special Summon Error

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    [2018/7/5] Special Summon Error

    Hello everyone,

    We've discovered an error with the Special Summon and will close it temporarily. We will update you with additional details once they are available.

    Players who performed the summon to Step 4 during the affected period and hoped for one of the heroes not originally included in Step 4 can, with the condition that the guaranteed exclusive hero be returned, receive a random box that will guarantee one of the originally intended 16 heroes.

    If you performed the summon to Step 4 and wish to trade in the exclusive hero you received, please send us an email via the in-game inquiries form by 7/9 (Mon.) 06:00 UTC.

    Compensation will be sent manually, so please understand that there may be a wait period.

    We're terribly sorry for the confusion and inconvenience, but thank you for bearing with us.
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