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How to beat Raging Spirit Hell - Ruler of the Sea 6-5 - Sea Queen Aegir

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    How to beat Raging Spirit Hell - Ruler of the Sea 6-5 - Sea Queen Aegir

    Hey guys just wanted to know if anyone has some tips on how to beat Sea Queen Aegir on this particular hell stage?

    I also need to beat this level within 70 seconds, which is proving to be a difficult task, as I can't quite clear it in the full 1 minute and 30 seconds let alone 70 seconds.

    I have mostly dark weapons on the event boosted heroes since she is weak to dark, as well as trying to stick to the dark damage units as well. Would be great to beat this and get the Mizuho gem at some point.

    I have attached a link with an image of the hell stage in question, and my event boosted heroes that I am using.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Since nobody helped you here, with this less attack you are not able to kill her


      Late reply but here are my tips:

      -dont use skills, only use all skills when LB bar is full and follow it up so you can save time.

      -you can do more damage on auto attack than using skill. (Trust me, if you have dark weapons, let RNG do the trick)

      -level up all your gear skills to 4 or 5

      -orb your heroes, p0 - p2 base 1*/2* heroes wont do much damage. Even p2 ayame will have hard time killing bosses on hell mode. You need p4 to max orbed heroes if you want to clear hell mode.

      -Do the 2-time clear, this works best for the stages that requires 3 same race on your team (eg: clear with 3 elf on your team, clear the stage within 70 seconds, clear the stage without less than 1 heroes dying). First you clear the hardest one of three (3 elf) then re do the stage with using all your strongest hero to get 3 stars.

      -Dont ever use tanks on scenario quests, but you can put regen helms for your front units so they wont die easily on hell mode.

      Well thats all i can say for now. I hope this helps.
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