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I need a strategy for Orbing up faster...

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  • I need a strategy for Orbing up faster...

    It takes me about two weeks to get a hero fully orb (all Purple maxed out). Is there a faster way to max out the orbs, besides opening up the treasury? The key is stamina, I'm guessing - so that means attaining loads of stamina... but how do we do that - or do we need to just wait for 20 years to maximize a team???

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    actually my friend, that was faster than when the game was first released. last year, the orb drop rate sucks and it only drops x2 and not x5 / x7. the key is using your diamonds for stamina refill while x7 orb drop event is still out.


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      Stamina>Summons, best investment of diamonds in general. The summons are getting more and more trap-like so better off using the same diamonds for stamina to orb with.
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