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How to beat Raging Spirit Hard - Odd Girl 2-1-1

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    How to beat Raging Spirit Hard - Odd Girl 2-1-1

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has some tips on how to beat this particular level. I have been stuck on it for awhile now as the 'Strong Golem' tanks just keep blocking all the damage I am dealing and I lose cause time runs out.

    Really need to get the last few Raging God Susano-o soul fragments so I can upgrade him to 4 star to keep.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You!

    First of all SORRY I RESPONDED LATE I got susano in th last 3 hours and had to farm for 5 strait to complete from 5-10 and the last 2 chapters.

    This is the same for most(at least all that I've been in) collabs with a story, on chapter two the golems have shields that block 100% of physical dmg. I forgot about this too and my gul had to clear the thing by herself lol and there's nothing more disappointing than haveing an ultra bolt do 0 dmg

    So yeah,next collab bring magic users in ur team XD lol and don't rely on ur freya/gul to carry it.