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Whom to choose for next?

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    Whom to choose for next?

    Hi, I have made some heroes to purple and up their level, which, as I suppose, will help me to go ahead.
    Now more time, energy and orbs are needed to improve each of them. What is the first five heroes you advise the first to improve?
    Maybe I should look to other heroes and make them pirple and up level?

    Wowies you have several of SP heroes ! ok... First, what do you wanna do first? Arena or PVE (Connects and events mainly). This game punishes for only using 5 heroes.

    First Max Luca since she is your all around godly tank of DOOM. Equip her with a healing item first, both her SP shields and another defensive item. For accesories, get her the Hardstone from Hrungir, a Purity Ring to prevent charms from Freya, and a DEF and MDEF Bangles from connects. She will be the bulwark to your heroes. Also equip Niji and/or Heimdall and grow them as you go, since all 3 are your preffered tanks until you get Materia or in several situations Hrungir/Skadi to 5 stars.

    If you want to main Arena, you got a TON of options:

    Verdandi with Ranco Momiji or Canon.
    Freya is a sure and mandatory bet for Arena until its endgame.
    Do you have Miku's Costume? It amplifies MATK for your heroes, with that you can get Freya and the new Elf dude, or even Wolfgang, Hel or Gullveig for starters.
    If you want to grow Brunhild, she boosts dark damage. Get Hel/Gullveig and Freya in the team, just dont get yourself full of dark heroes or you will get crushed.

    If you want to do Connects and/or PVE, that ones a bit loose, since every connect and event has its theme and weaknesses.

    Get Thor, Thrud, Freya, new elf (Mr 5 star) dude for starters,
    Depending on the connect, you might need different heroes, with this at the minimun get everyone that is not the beginner heroes to P1 (Purple 1 gem). I got most of mine at P1 and about 10 levels below my max just in case I need to use them, that way I dont have to fuss over when I switch heroes.

    Again, PVE needs a lot of different heroes which will be your main energy dump. Go slow with improving your weapons and in a few months you will have very capable teams.
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      Which hero is best and easiest to play in the beginning?
      I'm not interested in too much, I want exalted orsb to be the cheapest, so I buy exalted orbs on Odealo

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        Welcome to the forums Mennic .

        All the starter ones are decent, with Heimdall as tank, Freya (from initial attendance ticket), Thor (from initial attendance ticket also), Thrud (again from ticket), Hel, Gullveig, Momiji, and others. What is important is to have 1 tank, 1 melee/tank/mage, 2 mages/archer and 1 archer. 5 Heroes.


        1 tank, 1 melee, 2 mages, 1 range
        1 tank, 3 mages, 1 range
        2 tanks, 3 mages

        What is great about this game is that nearly all heores have their use and place. From the starter summon, try and get Luca (best tank) or Niji (Great tank) and from tickets you can choose between Freya, Thor or Thrud, all 3 are great all around heroes.
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