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    Can anyone give me any suggestions on level 21_3?

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    That entire level is a gear/party/sanity check for new players. It may be some time before you are ready to finish it

    Specifically for that level you need full Light heroes/attacks since they are weakest against it. If you dont need the stars, go to the leaderboards and follow every top player to ensure maximun destructiveness.

    After you pass it, May the Gods have mercy on your soul on 21-4. THAT one is the true gear check and is just a preview of whats to come ahead. Level up, Level up your weapons and their skills, get your heroes to your current level (hopefully above lv 45), Farm connects and buy the connect bangles (that boost HP and another Stat) and healing gear, having at least 2 of these equips on every player. Ymir is no joke, even on this dumbed-down version of him.

    Also Heroes with Gravity Field rings (Loki, Thrud, Skuld, Luca, Sif, among others) are near mandatory against this monster.
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