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What is the very Worst gear to equip?

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    What is the very Worst gear to equip?

    Does anyone know what the worst gear is to equip or boost up to 5 stars so that I can just sell it in the case its been accidentally summoned?

    I dont know about useless but all 1 star and some 2 star gear will be your main form of xp to level up your weapons and accesories, with the exception of Hero gear (Sp) which you need to 5 star those (only one, then they become food).

    What you have to consider is that all gear have skills and playing with those will make or break your team. As a rule of thumb all weapons that have 100% and 110% damage (with the exception of an MATK black book, dont remember its name but it gave Curse status effect) can be considered XP or tokens food, and again will be your main form of XP for equipment.

    For accesories MAX at least 5-10 of the base 1 star because when you raise their skill levels they can give up to 30% of a stat and when you have enough, use them as XP fodder. Keep all 2 star and above and get them to 5 stars since you will always have need of accesories. When you get the higher end accesories, like connect bangles and amulets, then the one stars and SOME 2 stars become XP fodder.
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