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High Rank Arena Strategy

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    High Rank Arena Strategy


    I was hoping for some advice on a strategy on how to create a team with enough DPS to defeat Luca, Niji, Urd teams. My last attempt was Luca, Niji, Thurd, Amaterasu, Ranco (all are fully orbed and have 5 Star with the exception of Amaterasu). Gear wise, I've chosen gear to cap constant physical and magical damage at 50% for all characters. All gear is at least lvl30 as well. Team lvl, everyone is at lvl59. With this team, I can dispatch the mid and back row fairly quickly, but Luca and Niji time me out. Does anyone have helpful advice? I have also attempted various combinations with Fully orbed 4-5 star Thor, Saber, Odin, First Child Ymir, Gilgamesh, Wolfgang, Freya, Hel (and more) combos with no success (I always time out). I do have Mai available, but I do not see being of much use against Niji. IM AT A COMPLETE LOSS!!!Please help lol!

    To get an idea on my current DPS, I am doing about 500,000 total damage at the end of the match


      Niji? 5 star? Sounds like you might be in the wrong section
      Hot Mess Express 2086796674


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        nope right section as i clearly see valkyrie connect, maybe your in the wrong section?

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        It was moved afterward

      Do you have storche ritter? It will help you kill luca


        From my experience when I faced niji/Luca teams that are turtle(having healers etc) I tend to use Thor as my front line while still keeping him glassy. This way he can generate his skill faster due to him being hit and trigger his skill more often. This is a good counter to Luca specifically.
        Storche Ritter is your best friend vs niji- water damage and curse to prevent her regen.
        Aside from those 2 its DPS race. If you manage to take backliners easily you shouldn't have problem with niji/Luca
        My personal setup was 1-3-1 with glassy Thor front, 3 mages(Odin rin hel-i didn't use Freya) and ranco. Bear in mind tho I use 3 Valhalla staffs and curse bow so it might not work in your favor if you don't have 3 staffs for the 3 mage team.
        In that case I'd suggest a 2-2-1 team with Thor 2 mages (Odin preferably since his gugnir is crucial for dps ) and 2 archers with 2 curse bows(ranco is a must, Matisse is the best option for secondary, if you don't have her use momiji or canon instead, esp if you have canons costume)
        Hope that helps
        Also one final notice - do not underestimate warrior ring. Use the glassy Thor front with 50% atk constant and see by yourself


        • Verdungo
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          Shiki Glassy Thor?

        • Shiki
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          Glass thor- built with full offensive gear- 4 weapons(or 3 and a winged helm) warrior ring+ 3 bangles(atk def mdef)