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Efficient ways to gather diamonds

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    Efficient ways to gather diamonds

    NOTE: this is about efficient ways to gather diamonds, a.k.a getting the largest amount of diamonds for the lowest amount of time running certain events and content. While onslaught, story mode, daily arena ranking also give decent amount of diamonds, it is either not that much or takes too long to get the max amount of diamonds possible(story mode).
    Check out my other guides as well(WIP):
    -How to be efficient in Arena -
    Alright, after 2 days of playing so far, these are the most efficient ways to get diamonds that I found yet. There will probably be more, so any advices are welcome.

    Arena ranking

    -fastest way to grind diamonds as of now(you get diamonds for each rank you climb after rank 5000). My highest rank is 160ish and I got like 5000 diamonds just from rank grinding
    -once you climb a rank, if you drop ranks after that, you won`t get diamonds for getting back into the old rank(example I`m rank 200 and drop down to rank 300 - if I get back to rank 200 or 250 I won`t get diamonds for reaching that rank again)
    -it becomes hard to get higher when you reach top 500
    -you cannot battle more than once every 10 minutes unless you spend diamonds to remove cooldown

    As of recent updates, diamonds can be acquired at all ranks, not just top 5000

    Hero soul quests

    -costs only 50 stamina to finish the entire quest line
    -tons of hero quest, so you can get alot of diamonds
    -total of 330 diamonds for each completed quest line with perfect score(all *)
    -you get souls you can use to promote heroes
    -drops tons of orbs you can use to upgrade heroes and tons of quick tickets
    -doesn`t drop any mana flasks so you will kill lots of stamina without getting any mana
    -in order to get perfect score you will need a strong team because quests get progressively hard with final quest of each line being the hero at 5*
    -need to perform diamond summons in order to get the heroes,aka you can`t unlock hero quest lines without unlocking the heroes first

    Connect quests

    -the first 100 quests reward 50 diamonds each if you play with people you haven't ran with yet - total of 5000 diamonds
    -give connect and event tokens which can be used to get 3* gear and monsters
    -you can join other person`s quest for free without spending stamina
    -additional limited time diamond bonuses for completing different * difficulties for the first time
    -very slow and grindy
    -might be hard if you run them without strong team or help from other people

    -----2017 update -----
    Scenario quests

    -decent amount of diamonds for completing story mode in normal difficulty (range varies between 1500-2100 depending on the amount of books)
    -completing missions with 1-3* grant diamonds based on the difficulty and the amount of stars:
    Normal mode -3 diamonds per star(9 maximum per mission)
    Hard mode - 5 diamonds per star(15 max per mission)
    Hell mode - 10 diamonds per star(30 max per mission)
    -additional diamonds acquired via limited time achievements for finishing chapters(similar to story mode quests)
    -you get mana flasks, orbs and rune gear as well for completing quests with max stars, along with exclusive heroes and gear
    -event becomes progressively hard to the point where it is almost impossible to beat it unless you're a whale and have certain heroes
    -to 3* missions you need to do certain requirements like complete the mission within X seconds, with X race heroes in your team etc which not anyone(especially f2p players) can afford
    -some scenario quests require you to have certain heroes only available through diamond summon in order to 3* them, putting a money gate in the event in order to fully complete it.
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    Don't forget you also get Diamonds for completing all daily missions!

    You also get a ton for 3-starring every quest in the story line.
    After you complete a chapter, don't forget to go back to it and collect the diamond reward from the last chest!
    I did that a lot.
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      I bet ur taking advantage of it

    What is evening stamina? I need it to complete my dailies but idk what time it comes. Or what time the server runs on


    • Bevgebra
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      I think it runs on Eastern Time and appears around 5-7 ish?
      Not exactly sure about the time frame but just go in around there and you'll get it

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      Alright. Thanks

    • Ateam Darrick
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      Lunch and Evening stamina are based on your device's timezone. Lunch is available from 12:00 for a couple hours, and Evening is available from 6:00 for a couple hours.

    Alrighty. Thanks a lot


      A good thing to do is click the crown icon in the lower left and follow the 100 top people. This way you can use their level 50s as mercs to help you


        Some i didnt see noted,

        Back farm arena wins. You don't lose your rank if you lose and if your in a spot you can't move up you get the win n stay at your rank.

        Complete total missions.


          Retooling is made really simple as well, initial download is really quick and you get 1k gems for clearing chapter 1.
          ID: 2028204050 (F2P)


            Definitely Hero Soul missions. Get your team to around lvl10 (easy, considering completing chapter 1 gives pretty good exp) once there, complete all the HS stories you can. Considering most SP first steps are discounted to 1500, the 3 free heroes pull at the beginning, mana summons, etc... should get you to 10 characters to complete stories for. (3300 gems) Once you do your first pull on a SP the hero soul missions should become sort of self sustainable. Complete a few HS missions there, a couple of story chapters here, by the time you get to really hard content, you should have pretty much gotten what you wanted for the SP banner.