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Help with teams please [Warning Lotta Reading]

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    Help with teams please [Warning Lotta Reading]

    Hi all that reads this as warning this is a stupidly long read and I do apologize for that.

    I Mean one hell of a read...

    I've been playing for a while but am still yet to find a reliable team to keep me going in all sorts, and would like help arranging my team with my current heroes and gear.

    Im currently level 68, I don’t have many diamonds and im also limited to the daily rewards for diamonds and rubys, im capable of completing the Valhalla Onslaught thing with my team below.
    I’ve been stuck at Chapter 26 for a period of time, Able to Solo 5☆ Connect Battles but unable to Solo 6☆ Connects or 5☆ Multis. Been stuck Middle of rank [B2] in the main arena for a while.

    Id be Greatful to any help or advice really but would prefer to make a team within either my current boundries or the basic summons as thats all I can really afford (I spend my diamonds on stamina)

    My current team for Arena, Connect and Story is:

    [LV68] Purple 5☆ T5 [Awkn] Moon God Mani: (Gear- 5☆Key to Asgard LV31, 4☆Lava Flame Rod LV40, 4☆Hati the Doll X Sp LV37, 4☆Black Feather Rod LV40, 5☆Mystic Earrings
    LV45, 4☆Sorcerous Ring Lv40, 4☆Mani’s Ring Sp Lv38, 4☆ Miku Key Strap Lv25) Combat Power- 42,686

    [LV68] Purple 5☆ T5 [Awkn] Mecha-Fist Rin: (Gear- 5☆Frozen Tuna LV43, 4☆Burning Axe LV40, 5☆Forgotten Blade LV29, 5☆Stillwater Greatsword LV31, 4☆Summer Chime
    LV27, 4☆Blood Gem Ring LV32, 3☆Guard Dog RingLV29, 4☆Holy Knight Badge LV23) Combat Power- 42,192

    [LV68] Purple 5☆ T5 [Awkn] Fate God Vali: (Gear- 5☆Asgard Bow LV37, 4☆Unbreakable Bow LV33, 5☆Hunter’s Bow LV50, 3☆Valhalla Gun LV27, 4☆Bangle of Treachery LV29,
    3☆Dragon Band LV29, 4☆Hachune Band LV32, 4☆Aesir Tears LV27) Combat Power- 41,604

    [LV68] Purple 5☆ T5 Shield Knight Luca: (Gear- 5☆Choco Shield Sp LV40, 4☆Mossy Armor LV32, 4☆Sacrifice Shield X Sp LV30, 4☆Hoplite Helm LV30, ☆Bangle of Strength
    LV30, 4☆Ring of Niflung LV29, 4☆Heretic Ring LV34, 5☆Fang Necklace LV24) Combat Power- 37,025

    [LV68] Purple 5☆ T5 Compassion God Baldr: (Gear- 4☆Twilight Circlet LV28, 3☆Lotus Flower LV30, 3☆Valhalla Staff LV28, 3☆Lava Flame Rod LV30, 4☆Sorcerous Ring LV32,
    5☆Asgardian Wedding Ring LV36, 4☆Bangle of Wisdom LV30, 4☆Arcane Ring LV26) Combat Power- 32,698

    As I’ve said, I would like a couple teams for various things I.e. Arena, Story and Basic Connects and to not have to spend out loads on diamonds.

    The Rest of the Heroes I have are below along with gear, im willing to grind heroes to [5☆ T5] and same with [Awkn] Heroes, I don’t have a time limit but I would like to be able to do beyond 5☆ Connect Battles or [B2 879] in the Arena and [C2 76] in the Grand Arena.

    Two Attachments easy to guess one is a copy of below and the other is all my equipment i own

    Thank you for reading

    All Owned Heroes

    [Purple][LV68][Awkn] 5☆ T5 Moon God Mani
    [Purple][LV68][Awkn] 5☆ T5 Mecha-Fist Rin

    [Purple][LV68][Awkn] 5☆ T5 Fate God Vali

    [Purple][LV68] 5☆ T5 Shield Knight Luca
    [Purple][LV68] 5☆ T5 Compassion God Baldr
    [Purple][LV68] 5☆ T5 Witch Gullveig
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T5 Night Conjurer Nott
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T5 Wondrous Alice
    [Purple][LV66] 5☆ T5 Queen Hel
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T5 Ninja Momiji
    [Purple][LV68] 5☆ T5 Valkyrie Skuld
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T2 Thunder God Thor
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T2 Valkyrie Norn
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T2 Guardian God Heimdall
    [Purple][LV60] 5☆ T2 Kagamine Rin
    [Purple][LV65] 5☆ T2 Shrine Girl Sakura
    [Purple][LV60] 5☆ T2 Kung Fu Fei Lang
    [Purple][LV60] 5☆ T1 Thorn Princess Gardina
    [Purple][LV60] 5☆ T1 Spirit Master Niji
    [Purple][LV50] 5☆ T1 Battle God Thrud
    [Purple][LV50] 5☆ T1 Thief Shiena
    [Purple][LV45] 5☆ T1 Dreameaters Livy & Lo
    [Purple][LV45] 5☆ T1 Harvest God Idun
    [Purple][LV40] 5☆ T1 Gambler Ranco
    [Purple][LV41] 5☆ T1 Fairy Luflit
    [Purple][LV42] 5☆ T1 Lancer Sonia
    [Purple][LV40] 5☆ T1 Harpy Mele
    [Purple][LV55] 4☆ T1 Bug Master Kili
    [Purple][LV41] 5☆ T1 Blade Crazed Welver
    [Purple][LV50] 4☆ T1 Admiral Nautica
    [Purple][LV55] 4☆ T1 Twinblade Liesa
    [Purple][LV50] 4☆ T1 Artificial Mirka
    [Purple][LV50] 4☆ T1 Tailor Lamina
    [Purple][LV50] 4☆ T1 Raging God Susano-o
    [Purple][LV41] 4☆ T1 Mochi God Thor
    [Purple][LV40] 4☆ T1 Lady Freya
    [Blue][LV40] 5☆ T1 Hunting God Hodr
    [Purple][LV42] 3☆ T1 Dragon Girl Rita
    [Purple][LV50] 3☆ T1 Grim Saskia
    [Purple][LV40] 3☆ T1 Sun God Amaterasu
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Gunslinger Wolfgang
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Godmother Yvette
    [Purple][LV40] 3☆ T1 Meliodas
    [Purple][LV40] 3☆ T1 Succubus Liciela
    [Purple][LV40] 3☆ T1 Cannoneer Canon
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Trickster God Loki
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Musician Arte
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Cat Girl Michelle
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Apprentice Lipka
    [Blue[[LV40] 4☆ T1 Wrecker Stella
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Berserker Bear
    [Blue][LV40] 4☆ T1 Exorcist Ayame
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Samurai Nagato
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Partying Oni Sakeko
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Ryu
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Garm-o’-Lanturn
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 War God Tyr
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Alchemist Matisse
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Scholar Nabby
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Mad Fafnir
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Beast Rider Petra
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Knight Senna
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Monstrous Fenrir
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Spirit Birst Hraesvelgr
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Sage Alviss
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Hunter Bertha
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Necromancer Nadia
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Traveling Trader Corona
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Hero Sigurd
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Archer Lucio
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Hel Hound Garm
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Sellsword Krozak
    [Blue][LV40] 3☆ T1 Fencer Soara
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Elemental Aquaria
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Elemental Nocturna
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Elemental Aurora
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Elemental Terra
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Elemental Igna
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Hachune Miku
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Jealous Tengu Yatsude
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Princess Sinmara
    [Blue][LV40] 2☆ T1 Sacrificed Neviria
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Dynamite Demolisha (4/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Cavern King Hrungnir (1/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Showman Prastos (1/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Stygian Heidrun (6/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Hendrickson (4/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Druid Thiazi (6/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Sky Whale Jormungand (5/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Malevolent Nidhogg (3/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Snow Princess Fubuki (2/10)
    [Locked][LV1] 2☆ T1 Mermaid Marmalade (1/10)
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