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Just started to play. Need help with team build

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    Just started to play. Need help with team build

    OK. so I just started to play the game went through the tutorials and finished CH1 and such and got and I know i'll get Hel in CH3 i think

    5* Godmother Yvette
    3* Freya
    3* Witch Gullveig
    3* Thor
    3* Fate God Vali
    3* Exorcist Ayame
    3* Scholar Nabby
    2* Compassion Baldr
    2* Shrine Girl Sakura
    2* Fairy Luflit
    2* Thief Shiena
    2* Harpy Mele
    1* Sigurd
    1* Skuld
    1* Hunter Bertha

    As far as Thor, Niji, Frey are good units. As for the others idk anything. So what id like to know is that if I can functional team(s) with what i have or do i reroll?

    Uh from what you have for now and untill you gain more characters in the future concentrate on a team with Thor, Skuld, Witch Gullveig, Compassion God Baldr, and Fate God Vali as its a pretty okay line up for a start.

    Aim to get Shield Knight Luca, Thor, Queen Hel, Compassion God Baldr and Ninja Momiji as that is a decent to get you to chapter 20 or so, its not the best team out there but this got me that far at least.

    If you can try to get Valkyrie Urd from Star Party Summons and replace Compassion God Baldr with her.

    Just a habit of patience as most teams can get you somewhere.