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Just started to play. Need help with team build

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  • Just started to play. Need help with team build

    OK. so I just started to play the game went through the tutorials and finished CH1 and such and got and I know i'll get Hel in CH3 i think

    5* Godmother Yvette
    3* Freya
    3* Witch Gullveig
    3* Thor
    3* Fate God Vali
    3* Exorcist Ayame
    3* Scholar Nabby
    2* Compassion Baldr
    2* Shrine Girl Sakura
    2* Fairy Luflit
    2* Thief Shiena
    2* Harpy Mele
    1* Sigurd
    1* Skuld
    1* Hunter Bertha

    As far as Thor, Niji, Frey are good units. As for the others idk anything. So what id like to know is that if I can functional team(s) with what i have or do i reroll?

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    There are a few new player guides that exist here on forum. But, for further information about the game, u can download either LINE or Discord as they are the main apps that most people use for UL. I can probably help walk u through the basics on LINE if u need. Just send me a msg in pm (ateam forum) and send me your LINE ID. (prefer LINE)

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