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    Team line up

    Hi I recently started playing again after a long break, and I am really wondering on what heroes to focus on.
    These are the heroes in my possesion:

    Purple *2:

    Shield knight luca 5 star

    Purple *1:

    Artificial mirka 5 star
    Fate god Vali 5 star
    Harvest god idun 5 star
    Mami tamoe 4 star
    Trickster god loki 4star
    Witch gullveig 4star
    Cavern king hrungnir 3 star
    Kung fu fei lang 3 star
    Elemental Terra 3star
    Mad Fafnir 3 star

    Blue *1:
    Harpy mele 4 star
    Bug master kili 5 star


    Hero sigurd 4star
    Hunting god hodr 4 star
    Beast rider petra 3 star
    Compassion god badr 4star
    Hunter bertha 3 star
    Guardian god heimdall 4 star
    Blade crazed welver 4star
    Grim saskia 4 star
    Shrine girl sakura 4star
    Fairy luflit 4 star
    Thief shiena 4 star
    Samurai nagato 3 star
    Wrecker stella 3 star
    Fencer soara 3 star
    Spirit master niji 3 star
    Lancer sonia 3 star
    Lady freya 3 star
    Queen Hel 3 star
    Ninja momiji 3 star
    Godmother yvette 3 star
    Wonderous alice 3 star
    Archer lucio 3 star
    Traveling trader corona 3 star
    Monstrous fenrir 3 star
    Valkyrie skuld 3 star
    Sellsword krozak 3 star
    Cat gril michelle 3 star
    Necromancer nadia 3 star
    Sage alviss 3 star
    Gunslinger wolfgang 3 star
    Hel hound garm 3 star
    Apprentice lipka 3 star
    Musician arte 3star
    Excorcist ayame 3 star
    Berserker bear 3 star
    First boy ymir 3 star

    My current team is: Fate god Vali, Witch gullveig, Artificial mirka, Kung fu fei lang, Shield knight luca

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Keep Luca as your tank. Remove Vali because literally any Dark dealing damage will elongate her quick. Awaken Mirka for her passive skill. Upgrade Kili because she pretty darn OP. Use Alice to CC Aesir and Therians and also equip her with her SP gear if you have any.

    So currently it would be Luca, Kili, Mirka, Alice
    And for now, if you would like a healer use Baldr as a temporary healer until you get Monk, Urd or Noa