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VC Hero Corner: Chocolatey Noa

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    VC Hero Corner: Chocolatey Noa

    Hello and welcome to Valkyrie Connect Hero Corner!

    In here, we will discuss about Chocolatey Noa. So, A lot a said that she's an underperforming hero, her heal is weak, etc and etc. First of all, let's talk about her stats:

    Base Initial Stats:

    Elf / Mage / Female

    HP: 1,182 / 31,305
    ATK: 97 / 2,233
    MATK: 216 / 5,025
    DEF: 103 / 2,678
    MDEF: 211 / 4,786
    SPD: 163 / 3,019
    EVA: 122 / 2,810
    ACC: 160 / 3,239

    Skill: Mellifous Charm
    140% Earth MATK damage to 2 nearest enemies. Quick for 1 turn and restore 15% of max HP to all heroes.

    Limit Burst: Earthen Breath
    20% of average ATL and MATK as Earth damage to all enemies 10 times. Restore 10% HP to all allied heroes.

    Passive Skill: Resist Eclipse (constant)

    Mind Up <2> (constant
    +15% MDEF to 2 allies with owest MDEF <Level 5>


    Pros - High Dark and Water Resistance, has better immunity against some skills with CC, Quick buff for 1 turn, and CUTE!

    Cons - Very weak to fire (meaning if her MATK is higher than your other mage, she'll get deleted by frey), Heal is very weak, and somewhat squishy.

    Chocolatey noa was made to be an aggressive support so let's all stick to her role!

    Recommended Gears:
    Valhalla Staff
    Storche Ritter (rare)
    Gambler Cane
    Heaven Staff
    Glacial Cloak
    Dark Wing Staff
    Oracle Robe
    Heavenly Straw Hat (rare)

    Recommended Accessories:
    Bangle of Wisdom
    Bangle of Faith
    Bangle of Defense
    Super Floaty Ring (rare)
    Ring of Niflung
    Elf's Bangle
    Ring of Conflict
    Elven Cufflet

    Example build: (arena)
    Weapons/Armors: Accessories:
    Gambler Cane Bangle of Wisdom
    Valhalla Staff Elf's Bangle
    Glacial Cloak Ring of niflung
    Dark Wing Staff Hardstone

    With these items, you can maximize her speed, while having a bit of tankyness, damage and CC/Debuff potential to your enemies.

    Hero Order
    C.Noa is placed at the farthest mage row so she won't get easily sniped by teams that targets 2/3 nearest enemies. Also be sure to lower her MATK than your other mages so she won't get targeted by frey's Action Skill.

    Team concepts for Chocolatey Noa:
    Noa is a hiddenly op aggressive mage that others haven't noticed yet. (because its hidden LMAO) so now, lets focus on teams that deals CC on their Action Skills.

    Sample Teams: (ARENA DEF/ATK TEAM)

    *Potential frontline killer
    *Very strong against teams with aesir/therian
    *Can punish front row team so badly
    *Fear and Gauge down to front row
    *Team is somewhat tanky and can timeout without good healer
    *Somewhat RNG reliant
    *Has good immunity against Action Skills with CC
    *Higher Chance of using Earthen Breath (Heal + Damage can save you from tough situations)
    *3 heroes are weak to fire. Meaning, rita can delete both kili and c.noa with one action skill while chunli can somehow survive with half health

    *Effective against frey users.
    *Fear, Gauge Down, and Def/Mdef debuff for front row
    *Can shred front row units
    *Team is somewhat tanky and can timeout without good healer

    Note: The tests were run by me and were proved to be good enough to stay within top 100 in group 1 arena

    All in all, c.noa as an offensive support mage is a really good unit. Also, because of her Quick you can fill your gauge faster and land another attack/gear skill to your enemy within 1.5 turns which is very crucial for every arena battles.Just be sure to balance your gears with MATK and defensive gears so you wont lose much damage, remember, luca is weak to earth so we need to maximize our damage while getting tanky for arena.
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    WHOA great job dude :O!!! how long did this take you to figure this all out?
    422.3k Healer/415.2k Mage


    • iarashi
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      I tried using her after i 5*'d her and made a lot of regearing just to make this guide better xD. Thanks for the compliment!

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      No problemo dude !