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    Evil Ryu

    I came back to the game about a month ago and restarted blah blah blah. A hero I spawned recently was Evil Ryu idk what the hell to do with him so where is he good at?

    I have asked a few of my friends before but they don’t really care much about Evil Ryu so didn’t have any info for me. But I did see the dude surprisingly as a s rank on alterma despite being a human male. Well other than arena because Frey has second melee spot though I have seen the dude in arena destroy my terriblely geared Urd...

    Also might he be good for Bestia? A scb I’m prepping for my idea was to go Skuld, Michelle, Urd, Mani, Ranco and gear them properly and soon get some of them holy rings so they survive. Might he be able to replace one of them?

    Well. Evil ryu targets the one who have the lowest dark resistance so your urd is Basically dead even when the match hasnt started yet lol.