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  • New Player need some Help

    Hello everyone i started with Valkyrie Connect 5 Days ago and im making a good Progress so far, i got nearly 0 plan of what heroes are good.
    About the Equipment i got good understanding of what stats the heroes Need so its up to you to give me a small Review of the heroes i have and who of them i should Focus on.
    Im a f2p Player so far and want to stay like this.

    Heroes i got:
    1. Liesa
    2. Luca
    3. Mirka
    4. Canon
    5. Mani (4Star)
    6. Vali
    7. Nagato
    8. Momiji
    9. Liciela
    10. Gullveign
    11. Hel (4Star)

    So far what my reading guides and stuff told me, Luca seems to be a good tank and Gullveign a good caster dps. For the other i dont know a Thing im using this Team currently:

    Thanks for your time .

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    What happens if you just use all tank?


    • Verdungo
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      He wont have any dps for anything really lol

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    With the exception of Gullveig, your team looks right. While strong, I prefer Hel at beginner level since she has more firepower and after you get into higher ranking and level you might switch back to Gull because status effects will start playing a role in gameplay. What you need to do right now is spend ALL your gems which you should have a couple thousands (hopefully) by now into the current Star Party with the hopes of getting Urd, the strongest healer in the game. Any other Star Party hero will easily replace the starter ones. Luca is a cancer that was born out of madness and is (debatebly) the most all around tank in the game, so get that girl to 5 stars ASAP.

    If you are gonna do Arena, utilize Luca, Canon, Momiji, Gullveig and Hel to start. At the new player bonus get Freiya and/or Thor 5 stars since both of them are keepers until endgame.

    Do check this post since I talked with another about whats needed:
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