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  • Musical Arte - Opinions

    Managed to scrounge up enough gems through quests for SP and i got Musical Arte.

    Have not seen anything good/bad about her and want to know your opinions. As I see it, she is a Connect monster against Surtr and not much else.
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    for pvp wise she isn't much use but for fire connect battles she'll help a lot
    future content when sinmara comes she'll be a huge support in reducing dmg from the boss plus she's m-atk so chance of reflect dmg is 0%
    but other then fire connect battles imo she isn't exactly anything special


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      Yup she's only good for fire connect battles as kurumirina said. Other than that, she's not viable. ^^


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        Old post but I wanted to comment. I tried using her as heals (2 harps and a healing staff), but she spent her turns healing herself, small heal on another character, then dying because all of her slots are taken up by non-armor stuff. I was pretty excited working on building her up over a week, but came to the same conclusion: the fire shield is the only thing going for her.


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          Thanks for taking one for the team haha. Got mine P1 with 5 star gear and she handles herself well on connects. After that I just bench her.