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  • The Valkyrie Connect Hero Corner

    Welcome to the VC Heroes Corner. Here we will discuss individual heroes in more depth. We will not look at them in comparison to another hero but as an individual. This is an attempt to show people what other heroes can do, why and when they have good uses, and fun ways to utilize them. I believe it can be useful for all levels of players, but is intended for beginner to intermediate level players who may not have a whole lot of heroes at this time.

    Information put on a specific hero can be openly discussed in its unique post, but, must be in an appropriate manner. I will make changes to the unique posts I make to reflect new and relevant information.

    Ultimately I hope to have this as sticky post, and then, update with links to each heroes individual post. Alleviate clutter in this post and have any hero easy to find even if it falls through the pages over time.

    I intend to do one hero every week, or 2. I however, openly admit I am not the know all, be all, end all with every hero. I openly invite others create one for thier favorite heroes.*Id like to lay a few guidelines down though.

    -If you create your own thread, I'd like to have a universal format. As we create more we can adapt and adjust them.

    -Multiple threads can be made for a single hero if a current one is outdated or offers considerably different, but accurate, information.

    -No direct comparing one hero to another. We are only discussing an individual's pros and cons.

    -You must update your post if new changes or relevant information is released. OR allow someone to copy and paste a new thread to update them. (This isn't mandatory but preferred to keep content current.)

    I'd like to create, or use an existing chat app channel to better exchange information. This would only be if a few other people decided to work on this with me.

    If your interested in helping just post your intent below.

    Hero Links
    Cannoneer Canon

    Compassion God Baldr

    Hero Sigurd

    Sage Alviss

    Valkyrie Skuld

    1/13/17 - Sigurd added.
    1/15/17 - Canon added.
    1/20/17 - Alviss added.
    1/27/17 - Baldr added, changed to alphabetical order.
    2/2/17 - Skuld added
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    even though i'm not a lv. 50 pro in vc, can i Try making a Hero Corner thread for Canon ??
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      That'd be great, find me in game or pm me me if you need anything.

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    Made one for liesa please add it here


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