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The Official "Help With My Team" Thread

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    The Official "Help With My Team" Thread

    The purpose of this thread is for beginners to be able to look here for general information regarding early team compesitions, as well as, a one stop shop for this sort of post. This post is intended for beginners and I will upkeep and change as the game and general opinions change.

    Welcome to Valkyrie Connect! If this is your first game of this type, this thread will help you. If this isn't, and you are simply new to VC, it will be a good start.

    I am going to break this down into the following categories.
    -Conceptual Team Building
    -Starter Builds
    -Substitutions and Editions
    -Simple Tips and Q&A


    Conceptual builds are team builds using roles only. Essentially you will want a team to counter your opponent. Arena, story, and connect all share this principle. However, their are some general concepts which cover all your bases to start. What follows are some simple skeleton builds.

    Basic Build 1
    Melee(Tank) | Melee | Mage | Mage | Archer

    Basic Build 2
    Melee(Tank) | Melee | Mage | Archer | Archer

    It is generally not the norm to have more than 2 melee or archers. Furthermore many people completely disregard the archer right now. With that said here are some more intriguing concepts.

    Mage Heavy
    Melee(Tank) | Melee | Mage | Mage | Mage

    Tanky Build
    Melee(Tank) | Melee(Tank) | Melee | Mage | Mage

    Still these two hardly differ from standard builds. As you can see you will absolutely need a solid Tank and at least one good Mage. It's ok to test and find your own.


    So now let's put together some basic builds with mostly characters available at the start. Your draws will vary, we will cover substituting slots later.

    Heimdall/Skuld/Hel/Fairy Lulifit/Shienna


    Skuld/Sigurd/Hel/Fairy Lulifit/Wolfgang

    I've put Skuld, and Hel in all 3 because they are available to everyone atm.

    All we did was combine skeleton builds with heroes. Fill in the blanks if you will.

    Team Building 101
    Let's move past the basics. How do I decide who I should use? Generally speaking you should start at the following question list;

    -My best Tank?
    -My best DPS(MATK & ATK)
    -My best Crowd Control
    -My Best on JP Tier List
    -My Favorites
    -My Team Skill Pairing(s)(For Limit Breaks)

    Now, some of your heroes will fall into multiple categories. Your best DPS may be Gullvieg, who may also be your best CC. That's fine! So you've determined on these questions to have

    Heimdall/Fei Lang/Gullvieg/???/???

    Now to finish the team you will want to evaluate again leaving these 3 out. You can also check to make sure you have a good balance of ATK and MATK. You could also just use your favorites. So let's just put 5 heroes together;

    Heimdall/Fei Lang/Gullvieg/Hel/Vali

    But now your not sure and your thinking if this is the best you got with what you have. The answer is NO. You are just starting, this is a great start but you'll eventually get new heroes. So how do you determine when to make a switch?

    The JP tier list is a good start. We will see all these characters eventually and you can get an idea of who to use from it. Simply Google it as I am not sure I can link it.

    The in game leaderboards are easier to access. While I personally do not agree with it, I will discuss it all the same. It is a safe assumption if the same hero is in the 7 of the top 10 teams, it is a good hero to have and use. You should note as well, you do not know why they are using any hero. For instance in arena top players like to use Fairy Lulifit as a techy MATK counter. In lower level arena and in builds she is less effective. So dig a little deeper when copying anyone else's team.

    Another overlooked place is your own experience. Damage logs are available after games. If you do connect and one of your dps is always low try someone else. You can experiment on your own, though this is time consuming.

    The best tip I can give is PLAY THE GAME! You just started, whether you reroll or just play casually you will eventually get the things you want and didn't want. But some other great beginner tips;

    -DO NOT only focus on one five hero team. You may need a hero for connect you don't need for arena.

    -You DO NOT lose any stats by leveling orbs before level or vice versa. So grind away however you want.

    -DO NOT assume anyone in any channel chat(excluding Guild) is giving you the best information.

    -Value your own opinions. Ask, research, copy, or whatever it is you do, but make your own decisions.

    -Have fun, if it isn't fun don't do it.

    I have found Grand Arena truly has not set lineups when attacking so we will focus on your defense team. For now, as I continue to experiment and research all I can give are a few tips atm.

    -Do no try to hide your main arena defense team. If it's not showing, or, the majority of that tram is not showing your attacker knows at least one of what's hidden.

    -Do the math. If your target has 200 total def score and the first team has 45 you know that the latter 2 have to add up to that. This becomes much more beneficial in the top 100

    -Top 100 you can only see lead team, be prepared for a lot of guesswork even after any preparations.

    -There's a trend popping up where a target to attack sets a defense team as
    250k team power score
    Team 1 25k
    Team 2 125k
    Team 3 100k

    I haven't seen it as useful above t100, as only 1 team is shown but it is quite effective.

    Tier Lists
    I use a base stat tier list I find on Mediacraft(I won't link due to forum rules but will speak to mods on the issue). I have left out JP version heroes Global players do not have. Therefore, some sections will have less than others. Again this isn't taking into account skills, gear, synergy, or personal progression.

    NOTE: Hiemdall does not appear on this sites list atm. Again it includes JP. Globally Hiem is the best Tank atm. Though Hrung and Tyr have yet to be fully explored.

    Health Points
    1. Tyr
    2. Hrungrir
    3. Garm(Halloween)
    4. Senna

    Physical Attack
    1. Tyr
    2. Thor
    3. Thrud

    Magical Attack
    1. Odin
    2. Gullvieg
    3. Mani
    4. Freya
    5. Hel

    Physical Defense
    1. Hrungrir
    2. Tyr
    3. Thor
    4. Senna

    Magical Defense
    1. Odin
    2. Gullvieg
    4. Mani
    5. Hel

    1. Wolfgang
    2. Momiji
    3. Vali
    4. Thiazide
    5. Gullvieg

    1. Momiji
    2. Vali
    3. Wolfgang

    1. Momiji
    2. Loki
    3. Wolfgang
    4. Luflit
    5. Loki(H)

    I would advise only using the above list in help determining your initial draws and beginner to intermediate team building. While gear and skills matter, most of these tend to be widely used by the playerbase.


    -Added space for Grand Arena
    -Added a base stat based tier list.
    -Bumped and shameless self liked

    -Minor grammatical corrections
    -Moved Q&A

    -Added some general GA tips

    -Added a GA tip.
    -Possibly removing GA for its own post somewhere else.
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    This is nice thread for newb like me

    also it's better for any new player to say what hero they have, so people here can give opinion rather than asking simple question like who's the best hero

    Just for info, I saw 2 different build than what thread stater (TS) said

    1. having 3 melee
    2. having 2 tank

    just like TS said, it;s not common, but u can try if u want

    before this thread started i also ask another player numerous times, including shiki in this forum, thanks a lot for him.
    u can ask player that are in game chat, click player and start a chat
    unfortunately for me, after few lines, my game crashed, so it might be better asking here, but don't hope people are answering ur question asap.


      Shameless self bump!


        Sir, you really think they gonna care? Most new players either quest a lot, and/or leave when they get bored. ^_^

        I found these randomly, want them? I was walking to the store.


        • Banon Vi
          Banon Vi commented
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          None of my concern who cares or not. Information for those that want it is all.

        • || Candy ||
          || Candy || commented
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        Honestly hero skills matter a lot more than hero stats a lot of the times. You can see Heimdall doesn't rank well in stats, but is still one of the most popular tanks even post nerf.
        Too casual for signatures...


        • Banon Vi
          Banon Vi commented
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          I agree, however, for a beginner it's a good start.

        I dunno if this will work but this is my current line up:


        (I used all eva equip on loki and also some eva for liesa. But i think both of them doesnt dodge too well) does eva only dodges basic attacks? Or it also dodges weapon skills and such?


        • Banon Vi
          Banon Vi commented
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          I can't say I've looked much into pure evasion. Seems there's to much at once for anything less than an impossible 66.6% to be woethwhile.

          Even maxing constants and buffs would still only be two fifty fifties which can still both fall through equally.

          You would have to balance in more HP gear for your loki. His naturally high evasion could allow some gear changes.

          But all in all team is fine, if anything convert to a traditional tank when you can.

        I joined the game a couple of days ago, and I don't really know what's good yet. The only thing I know is the set build you made, and that Lady Freya is really good. So, this is my team.
        (all are three stars, and level 20)
        Could anybody give me some advice?

        UL Username: [PoB] Skits
        UL ID: 2026582425
        VC Username: Skits
        VC ID: 272227439 (still a noob on vc lol)


          Originally posted by SkitsTheSkitty View Post
          I joined the game a couple of days ago, and I don't really know what's good yet. The only thing I know is the set build you made, and that Lady Freya is really good. So, this is my team.
          (all are three stars, and level 20)
          Could anybody give me some advice?
          It's a great start! If you have Heimdall, even if just 2*, he should replace welver, unless your finding success with Thrud as a tank. Haven't tried her personally. Testing Sigurd and Skuld atm.

          Best advice since you just started is just keep playing. Doesn't look like you need to reroll, so just save your diamonds for the next step up summon after all this xmas crap.

          Work on orbing freya and gearing her up, as well as Thrud or momiji.


          • SkitsTheSkitty
            SkitsTheSkitty commented
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            Thank you! I know Heimdall is good also, but I don't have him. Hopefully I get him! XD
            EDIT: I do have Heimdall, I thought you were talking about the blue dog hero XD
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          new player here, need some advice.. my line up is ;

          - heimdall
          - thor
          - freya
          - hel
          - wolfgang

          is that good sir ? actually in arena sometimes my hero is slower than the opponent, so i ended up losing, though i should have win.. it slower to cast skill/limit burst, or pick weaker limit burst, if arena isnt auto played --


            Arena is auto.

            Your team is fine. Remember Wolfgang is primarily MATK you may want a 6th physical attacker you work on to.


              I just play the game few day, pls help me build a team
              My currently team is

              today i just got Mani Claus, i see her stat i quite good so i think about use her to replace Loki or Hel or Canon, should i do that ?
              Last edited by Senkaze; 12-30-2016, 09:36 PM.


              • Crito
                Crito commented
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                Try replace Hel for Mani Claus

              my main team


              not sure if this is any good. or if theres a more better hero to replace someone anyone can let me know? any help is appreciated. thanks


              • Banon Vi
                Banon Vi commented
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                Looks like a good overall team. Have a physical attacking archer on reserve you work on. Always keep Baldr decent for most connects. As you get more guys, while this is a great team, see how some subs can make it better for different modes.

              • Support_Puppy
                Support_Puppy commented
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                Ur probably fine and this might just be my imagination but u have 2 really big magic dps and Thor for Aoe physical. Might want a tad bit more physical attack with characters like ranco or mojimi. But Wolfgang IS one of the best debuffers(certainly when considering how mainstream he is) so u should probably be fine

              Hey I'm not sure if I'm late to this thread or what but I'm wondering about my team XD
              My strongest by far are (current team btw):
              And queen hel
              All are 4 stars(Thor 5 ) and gul is at like 40/50. Asking cause I just got Sasha and have a large variety now (except Luca *dies). Is this team comp good or should I but in Vali, Matisse, Thrud, Main, or Sasha somewhere :/

              Any other really awesome heroes????


              • iarashi
                iarashi commented
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                I would suggest niji, thrud, hel, freya/gull, and momiji. You will have a great mage killer team tho

                Edit: you lineup is good tho, its your choice if you want to change it.

              • Support_Puppy
                Support_Puppy commented
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                Thanks iarashi! Idk how to reply to comments so O.o. I'll keep that in mind for grand definitely and use Thor as a tank for second team then do freya, vali, fie Lang, and Sasha :3

                Mage killers for life *high five

              I need help with building a defensive and offensive team for both Arena and Grand Arena
              As well as a connect team and quest team

              The heros I have are: skuld, cat girl michelle, witch gullveig, queen hel, gunningen wolfgang, lancer sonia, stgian heidrun, ninja momiji, lady freya, musician arte, spine girl sakura, mermaid marmalade, succubus liciela, sea queen aegir, brunhild, shield night luca, exorcist arame, malevolent nidhogg, alchemist matisse, mad fafnir, sky whale jormungand, raging god susano-o, and fenrir


              • Verdungo
                Verdungo commented
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                My thoughts:

                Luca is the best. (Niji close second, Materia and Tholdin then)
                Freya/Thor is a must.
                Queen Hel OR Gullveig if you have her wedding dress (it petrifies males like Thor until you can kill them)
                I dont see Baldr (healer) or any heals in your list, add another dps like Brunhild (increases Hel and Gullveig's damage)
                Alchemist Matisse, Momiji or Wolfgang for backline (If you have Ranco even better)

                Grand Arena:
                Same as list above, you need another tank like Heimdall (everyone has him, and his costume is on mana spawn), other options are Niji, Materia or Tholdin.
                Grow 10 heroes, enough for 2 teams and go with it. With time youll get heroes that sync with what you have and open up your gameplay.

                Quest team: Go with 1 tank 4 dps (melee, magic and ranged) until you cant. It is pretty easy until you get to chapter 21 when the wall and grind begins.

                Connects: You need everyone eventually. For low stars Luca, Fenrir, Wolfgang, Momiji, Matisse, Hel, Arte (water is great on most connects) and Brunhild from your list will help. But you will need to learn the weaknesses of each encounter and gear your people to kill that specific connect.

              Hiya, Newbie looking for some help with my team. I have been grinding for the beginner spawn, but now I have some peeps, but I have no idea if they are any good. Sadly, no Urd or Thor yet, but its only day two.

              Bug Master Kili 5*
              Loki 3*
              Heimdall 3*
              Freya 3*
              Wondrous Alice 3*

              OTHER 3*
              Wrecker Stella

              OTHER 2*

              OTHER 1*

              Thank you if anyone takes their time to help me ^~^


              • iarashi
                iarashi commented
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                Focus on niji, skadi, kili, freya and alice (or you can remove freya and use ranco)

                other units are also good too; like gullveig, petra, niji, matisse, baldr and hel