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Lf: Active Schedule A Guild (Block B or Higher)

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  • Lf: Active Schedule A Guild (Block B or Higher)

    I am an active lvl 154, 420k lancer looking for an active guild (one that always has 4+ members on). I make 2 out of the 3 guild battles. I can make all 3 on the weekends in most scenarios. My best monsters are Mitsuhide (3 potential), Lefiya (1 potential), Lacrosse Team Vivi (3 potential), Ares (2 potential), and Tione (3 potential). I have 160k attack and I'm willing to change to Berserker if necessary. To guild battles, I bring cheer, negative pressure, break thrust, and cross assault. I use normal attack but can switch it out for urgency. I am willing to get outside apps such as Line, if needed. I currently have 1 null, and am working on getting more. I can donate 10 million gold a week. My ID is: 2101485243. Please message me before inviting. Thank you.