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    The Long Awaited Origin Story
    Marblestar was founded when the stars aligned and a trio of friends had a cool name and a couple hundred thousand gold to spend. It's been an exciting, 2 year long rollercoaster and we've loved every second of it. We're a fun-loving, but driven guild who are determined to climb the ranks, and we're looking for people like you to join the team!

    The 411
    ✧Rank: B
    ✧Schedule: B
    ✧Crystal Level: 30
    ✧Past League Rank: Block A- Rank 610
    ✧Gear Score Range: 120k - 215k
    ✧Guild Leader: [MS] Lunis
    Who We're Lookin' For
    ✧We have a dire need for soldiers, archers, and mages at the moment!
    ✧Our preferred Gear Score range is 140k+ but we're willing to compromise!
    ✧People who enjoy having fun but also want to be in a committed and hard-working guild!

    ✧Our primary means of communication is Line. Although you do not need to make/have an account, we highly suggest that you do!
    ✧Although it isn't required we do urge you to come to at least 1 GB per day!
    ✧While our focus is on rising the ranks, we want to have fun while doing so.
    ✧Once, we changed our name to Maple Syrup. Our resident Canadian was pretty hyped over that.

    Message me for more info or if you have any questions - IN GAME ID : 2059402518 ( [MS] Lunis )

    Now enjoy some shenanigans we've collected over the years

    Come join the fun! We could always use some more heroes!
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