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Lost account ?

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    Lost account ?

    Hi, i'm trying to get my old account back but i just don't know if it is possible to get it back in this context. Let me explain:

    I started playing this game 2 years ago. The next year i started playing, I stopped for several weeks, so i uninstalled the game during this period. But to be sure i wouldn't lose anything, i linked my account with my ateamid. Then, i decided to install the game again. When i launched the game, i had that message that said if i wanted to start the game using my old data or create a new account. That's where the problem is (i think): i tried creating a new account just for fun. But when i wanted to use my old account, i clicked on the button that allows you to link your account to your ateamid. I thought that by entering my ateamid (that was supposed to be linked with my old account), it would just change my "new" account into the one i used to play with, so i would recover all of my data. But it did not. It just linked this "new" account to my ateamid, erasing my old account. That happened 1 year ago.

    When it happened, i didn't tried to get my account back. But now, i'm thinking of it (1 year too late yeah), so i'm asking if i can get my old data back or if it is just lost forever.