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Lorone totally unbalanced in the coliseum

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    Lorone totally unbalanced in the coliseum

    I would like to comment on this new coliseum of "humans" that is totally unbalanced, about a champion of LORONE , she is very strong against other humans and my complaint is about facing her in the team, where at the moment she does the special, already it is defeat. you have no way to fight, you have no way to defend and you have no way to react.
    only one complaint because only the one that has the character that achieves high scores in the standings. and humiliates and displeases those who do not.
    forcing her to have her....

    What is your opinion?

    I don't know man. I have her too and I lose sometimes so she really isn't that op. It might be because I'm fighting people who're a higher level than me but whatever. I'm bad at writing sentences.