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[Hacker] He looks like a hacker

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  • [MOD] Kier
    Hi there, kemperson! You may send a report to our customer support team at (Android) or (iOS). We hope this helps!

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  • kemperson
    started a topic [Hacker] He looks like a hacker

    [Hacker] He looks like a hacker

    good night I was doing some connect in ch2 when I came across this player "Teamtaiwan" follows the photos, I always play in ch1 is always me next to top 100 players of rank "Trinity, Fenris, Maeven, Jyotis, MMM is other" these players quoted above cause about 20 - 22k earth damage I generally caused from 11 to 13k now the player quoted "Teamtaiwan" who appears to use hacker 36k neutral damage 60k earth damage "I do not have photo of earth damage" more looks the end it does to connect 6 stars solo in less than 2 min is looks his equipment OBS lvl 62 how is this possible? please check this player
    If I said something wrong, I'm sorry, my English is not my native language.