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    dear ATEAM, maybe this request is impossible

    but I would like to recover an account

    I can not give the ID since I never copied it thinking that I would never lose it

    My name in the game is Renami

    I have an avatar to Rei Ayanami

    and a frame of Nerv


    I love that account

    I spent several collaborations, Evangelion, Madoka, Hatsune, Nanatsu and Evangelion 2

    I have the characters that most wanted

    I made wake up Rei ayanami, Rei and mark, Meliodas, Asuka, Shinji, Hachune, Homura, Rin mechanic fist and Asuka

    I beg you, I love that account

    Hi there, José Silva! You may be able to recover your account if you have saved your game data to your AteamID. Just head over to and log in to your AteamID account. Go to Apps > Valkyrie Connect. If you've successfully uploaded your data, you should see your account's User ID that is linked to your AteamID account. You may use this to download your data on your new device. If you can't find your game data, then you may contact our customer support team. Just send an email to (Android) or (iOS) or (Amazon). They can help you out with this concern.
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