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    So are we currently not allowed to use something like NOX to play Valkyrie connect? I have dumped far too much money into this game, but if I cant play it on a computer, I won't be playing anymore. This game has killed 2 phone batteries and I'm not planning on making it a 3rd. Don't have a lot of hope for this post since I didn't see a customer support link anywhere and seems to be specifically for business emails, but I figured I would try.

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    Yeah, unfortunately PC emulators had to be banned altogether in order to combat a lot of the cheating we were seeing (which was all coming from PC emulators). The ban happened a few months after release and I've been meaning to talk to the team to see if there's some new way to prevent cheating that's come up in the years since so we can un-ban emulators. I can't promise anything but hopefully they'll at least look into it.

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      If they could consider an option on the phone to turn off animations that are caused by doing virtually anything that might work decently. Apple may not have an issue, but I have fallen asleep with the game going on an edge and the phone get hot enough to wake me up. Not even accounting for the fact that the game draws power than a fast charger seems to provide it.