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Mana Summon x100.

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  • Mana Summon x100.

    Mana has little use for max level'ed players and using it on Summons for forge gear is basically its only use, but constantly doing the x10 time(s) summon over and over is a dull grind that takes time away from the game itself. Nobody wants to sit there for 30 minutes doing nothing but summoning for 1 star and 2 star forge runes. I also wouldn't mind a auto-sell-1star-gear button too, but for now I'll settle for a x100 Mana Summon button.

    Alot of VC players use reddit and are unaware that ateam doesn't use reddit, so I'm trying to direct them over here. If that doesn't happen, here are some of them posting and replying requesting the x100 mana summons:

    Thank you for viewing my post.
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