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"Ad Winter campaign"

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    "Ad Winter campaign"

    So there's an ad that says that you can get free rewards and stuff and idk how to get these rewards I read everything and I still don't know how pls help ;-;

    You can see the ad when you startup the game it's when you need to click 1 last time on your screen


    do you mean this ^ ? <Xmas Present Campaign> not <Ad Winter campaign> so not sure if it's what you mean
    just download and open valkyrie connect if it's this
    if it's something else then idk
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      You need to either install Valkyrie Connect or open it if you already have it installed (all through the website the campaign banner links through)

      Youll randomly get 1 of the 3 rewards.
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        Do I need to download valkyrie also for the UL rewards??


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          Yes. Ya need to download VC. Then ya just log into VC, and the reward will appear in ya box.