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    Recover my account

    Hello, my name is Peter

    I'm using Google Translator because I only speak Portuguese, so if anything is written in a strange way, forgive me

    So recently I started playing Valkyrie connect again after I reinstalled the game again. But, when I reproduce it again, it asks if I want to continue using the original account and accidentally pressed for new data. So now my game is using data from a new game and when I log back in to my email. I check and now my account is lost due to the fact that I back up a new game ID. So I want to recover my old user ID account. My user ID has been

    - New user ID: You currently have no user logged in to my e-mail account na atam

    - Old user ID: 150442738

    I want to recover my old account using the old user ID, not the new one.
    Please help me, thank you.
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    Hello! You may be able to recover your account if you have saved your game data to your AteamID. Just head over to and log in to your AteamID account. Go to Apps > Valkyrie Connect. If you've successfully uploaded your data, you should see your account's User ID that is linked to your AteamID account. You may use this to download your data on your new device. If you can't find your game data, then you may contact our customer support team. Just send an email to (Android) or (iOS) or (Amazon). They can help you out with this concern.