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  • I need help

    Please Ateam i need help!!! Before the anniversary i, like a los of ppl started saving diamonds and i manage to collect 22k so i was happy i could get the guaranteed scion on the gacha... but i didnt knew that you cant make the 7 steps in a row because it does not count them... you guys know, that after you make one gatcha summon, it appears a message for you to keep spamming your diamonds to get another chance so i did but sadly now it says that i need other 6 more, to get the guaranteed drop. Please i need help with this Ateam... i was waiting for this event for so long and now i just wasted all, please i need help guys
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    To be honest i had a little hope that i could get some help form Ateam... but i guess its not possible. Idk why I keep wasting money and time on valkyrie and unison anyways when they don’t even help with the problems in the game. Whatever I won’t waste my time and less my money on your games anymore.