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  • Connection battles suggestion

    I’m very tired of joining 5* or 6* connect battles which often cause me to drop the game during the last bar of the monster’s health. I’ve cleared my cashe, restarted my phone all to no avail. Here is my suggestion: Instead of showing all the damage values from all players, how about only showing the damage that each player creates. Same with the damage received. Before collab, there were 2 weeks where no damage was shown. At first this annoyed me, I soon realized that i was able to stay in battle and not drop the game! Now that damage values are again posted, the game freezes or is very choppy. Again, I’m dropping from the game. I can’t even get back into the same battle since the pop up window asking whether I want to rejoin the battle is no longer showing up. What’s the use for me to start battles if I drop from them? I just lose stamina and get no rewards. This is very frustrating and causing me to lose interest in Valkerie Connect. Please fix this! Another suggestion is to have the host be able
    To get back into battle within 20-30 seconds in case the host drops. This will allow the host to get back in and not lose stamina. Thank you!

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    I have a different issue (lack of processing power), but the same solution would apply. At least the OPTION to turn off other players' damage would be great. There really doesn't seem to be any point aside from an increase in eye candy; if I want to know who did the most damage I can get that at the end, and I can't imagine ANY scenario where I learn anything by seeing damage done to other teams' individual members.

    So kudos for bringing it up, and I second it!