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  • Fan Works - The Results!

    Thank you again for all of your submissions in the Valkyrie Connect fan works contest! We received a TON of amazing entries, and picking the 10 to show off wasn't easy.

    We had some debates within our group about how to choose the final submissions, and we ultimately decided the following.
    - Private communities, though great to have, are difficult for us to feature in a public contest
    - We received a lot of incredible fanart, but we decided to prioritize "continued effort" for players who have been making fanart for a long period of time
    - "Impact" as one of the deciding factors also factored into our decision, so we sometimes had to go with works that were seen by a lot of players
    - Some entries were from players who seem to have some suspicious activity on their accounts, so these entries were disqualified

    If you entered but didn't get picked, just remember that we may do a similar campaign in the future! We'll be waiting for your entries again, and some of the players who didn't get picked this time may have a chance next time.

    We've decided not to disclose the number of Diamonds given to each chosen player, but if you were chosen you don't need to keep it a secret if you don't want to. With that said, let's get started...

    NOTE: Other than links to the official Ateam forums below, Ateam is NOT responsible for the content contained in the links below and you follow them at your own risk. If we find that a link has changed to something malicious, we will remove it as soon as we can.

    ■Shikniful for fanart
    Recent work:

    Shikniful has drawn a lot of great fanart of characters from Valkyrie Connect since shortly after the game was released. We've even featured some of it on our Facebook page! Keep an eye open for occasional posts from Shikniful with new art on our official forums and the Valkyrie Connect Global Reddit.

    ■GICN for guide management and community management

    GICN has come to be known as the master of information regarding VC and not only created the in-depth Wiki on the Valkyrie Connect Global Reddit page, but also moderates and practically "owns" the Reddit page. The research and information compiling he's done for the community has been invaluable and things wouldn't be quite the same without him.

    ■Khang for Vietnamese guide creation
    Example guide:

    Despite the game not even being available in Vietnamese, Khang has created numerous guides for the Vietnamese community and is even in the process of translating Norse mythology stories as well. Thank you!

    ■Rosa for guide research
    Reddit Wiki page:

    Rosa has contributed a massive amount of research and work to the Wiki on Reddit, which has become an invaluable resource to many players. Without Rosa's work, the guides would surely not be as fleshed out as they are.

    ■Hakeo for YouTube videos
    YouTube channel:

    For the last few months Hakeo has been posting videos about Valkyrie Connect to his YouTube channel including guides with helpful tips! Give him a look!

    ■MiserLou for Discord channel management and Wikia management

    The Discord channel has become a nice public community where new players can ask for help (and Darrick can quickly be informed of errors! uh-oh). Check it out if you have a question or just want a place to hang out! The Wikia is also an alternative source of information to the Reddit Wiki.

    ■Tesorite for hero tracking document and Twitch streaming
    Twitch channel:
    Hero tracking document:

    Tesorite occasionally streams gameplay of Valkyrie Connect on Twitch and also maintains a document that you can use to keep track of all your heroes!

    ■Luzeldon for underused hero threads and 1★ hero threads on Reddit
    Compilation of threads so far:

    Luzeldon's threads about 1★ heroes and other underused heroes have given a lot of players a new perspective on heroes they otherwise might have overlooked and are quite entertaining as well! Definitely give them a read.

    ■Stryker for work on the Reddit Wiki
    Reddit Wiki page:

    Stryker is another heavy contributor of information to the Reddit Wiki! Thanks for your hard work.

    ■Yorkiie-Chan for fanart
    Example works:

    Yorkiie-Chan has a unique style and has created some really delightful fanart. We hope to see more in the future!

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    I dunno what to say...

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    Thankyou so much -^ v ^-


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      Gratz to ya guys/gals. We are always lurking and looking forward for more =]
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        Congrats to the winners


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          Congrats to all the winners! Cheers!


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            Congrats, everyone!


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              Grats everyone I hope this means MOAR GEMS FOR F2P :3