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    A chance I don't know what I'm talking about being so new yet how I percieve the game is important even if it is the wrong conclusion. A week in at level 32.

    My suggestion is to make the content you already have useable. There are probably 10 heroes that get used often. The rest are just there. Pretty much no one uses archers. We have one go to tank that is easily obtainable. A bunch of identical 110 percent damage characters but with a different element. We are picking heroes with sleep, petrify, paralyze, shield. You know, useful stuff. No one is going to want to level up genaric elemental characters let alot one of each element. In other words useless filler content going to waste.

    Next issue is lack of customization. As mentioned above really we only have a few good hero skills. Armor is nearly useless excluding heim. I do much better without it amd top players seems to ditch them as well. I may be wrong on that part since I am only level 30. Lets say armor is useful. Often times its only 1 or 2 choices per class. Weapons same thing. 1 or 2 choices, a few generic blades, amd a character only item. Accessories are also limited. Its same old on each character. The game focuses on leveling gear not finding it. All I'm saying is what is there to find? Not much. We all wear the exact same thing and play the same 10 heroes.

    I think pricing is way off. The most recent bundle Idun 7.99 package gave 900 gems 1400 food and 200 tickets. Buying that stamina would cost roughly 700 gems so lets say its worth 1600 gems all togeather minus the tickets which I value as not worth real money at all. So its roughly on special 10 dollars per 2000 gems. The first time buy in 40 dollars for 7k gems. Close enough. So for one 3k diamond pull you're saying that's worth 15 dollars on a good day?

    Buying stamina is to expensive. I can go through 100 gems in no time. Again on a good day 100 gems is worth 50 cents. Say I pay for 4000 stamina a week (an extra 600 a day). That is 40 dollars a month for what, 10 minutes more gameplay a day. We probably get 600 a day for free? 600 more is 40 dollars a month? So not worth it and this is you're one time only prices.

    Above points out stamina is not only expensive but doesn't last long enough. I want to play this game. Grinding of Surtr is a nice gesture but it is the same thing over and over. I want free activities that involves looking at the beautiful maps you have made. Let us run those free for 25 percent mana reward. Then I could use some meet, do a few stamina runs, use some more meet, do surtr event. I get to see the games levels. Right now, unless I am grinding the orbs, it is forgotten. Why not reuse that content. Cap no more then 250k mana a day.Heck I would pay 5 dollars a month cause this would give me something to do that just might be enjoyable. Make the enemies always scale to persons level so it is work, not insta kill.

    Lastly, make baldr a girl! ... and give me mani.
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      Shouldn't really need to go into each tree from the bottom to the top. If the orb takes 3 itemsand I have all 3 with red dots, I should be able to automatically fuse them with one mass fusion. Automatically calculating the cost for each necessary path or a flat rate based on quality of the orb.

      More of a convenience thing, but still, just a thought.


      • RedXIII
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        I agree with this. It's a pain having to go through all of that hassle for 1 orb.

      A couple suggestions:
      1. Gender designation (male/female, other) in player profile
      2. On connect battles, make players that add to the party tapable to see player data (team lineup, team power score, etc.)
      3. A report button on player profiles (though I could see how that could be abused)
      4. Guild TRAINING: Concept: Guild members can PvP against each other for practice (a limit per day can be incorporated, like 5 or 10x) and a nominal amount of rewards can be earned (mana, guild tokens, stamina).
      Wins or losses will have no effect on Ranks (any ranking systems or a rank system within the guild [this could cause rifts and conflict within guilds but perhaps down the line it could be implemented]).
      5. New Class: Rogue.
      Concept: This class is adaptable to any of the three previous classes (range, magic, melee) and the position of this class (front line, middle line, back line) CAN be adjusted to the player's preference. HOWEVER, once a placement has been made, there is a cool-down time period of 48 hours before you can edit that character's line placement again. Unequipping and re-equip the character does not reset cool-down counter. (This applies to all instances with the game [arena, regular quests, guild battles, connect battles, guild PvP, etc.])


        Ateam Darrick Not sure if this is a considered a bug or a suggestion, but right now the preferences for 2x speed and auto-battle for quest/connect battle/arena are not saved and are lost upon restarting the app. It would be great if these preferences were saved between restarts. Thanks!
        Too casual for signatures...


        • Ateam Darrick
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          That would be a little more convenient, eh. Thanks for the suggestion!

        Been playing for a couple weeks and I am at level 45.

        I agree with what most are saying about the game.

        1. There is not enough stamina to do everything you want in game. I do every single hero quest because Id like to 5* every unit eventually and with the current stamina situation that is not possible to do while orb farming. Not to mention Ive personally been avoiding hosting connect battles right after i get one soul shard, and i feel others would be doing the same. I would increase the rate of regeneraton for stamina just so players can keep playing.
        -Increase stamina regeneration or give more options of obtaining stamina.

        2. Cost of certain things in game is ridiculous. Buying certain orbs in the Trade shop with diamonds is nuts. There is no way anyone would buy it unless they are crazy whales, it is just too pricey for one orb...( i accidentally bought one for 750 diamonds and was pretty sad about it). Soul Trading is by far the worst, I evolved a unit to 5 stars thinking their extra fragments would give me at least 10 souls in the trade shop. NOPE it gives you one. Every item in the Soul shop is around 200 soul tokens, goodluck getting that much. I just stopped farming those hero quest once i figured that it was a waste of stamina for a meager token.
        -Lower the cost of orbs and such to a reasonable amount between 1diamond-30diamonds
        -Increase soul fragment trade in to soul token or lower the amount of soul tokens needed.

        3. Combining orbs together should work if you have all the material required to make it, making them one at a time is a hassle.

        4. Ability to turn in all daily quest at the same time. Noted from another user on the forum, I also just finished every single daily and turn it in at once. Though it is a hassle its not too crazy.

        5. Implement a weekly quest. it would be nice to have more ways to earn some stamina. Some quest could be; Host x amount of connect battles, Join x amount of connect battles, x amount of quest done, x amount of hero quest done, x amount of arena battles done, x amount of followers used, x amount of reforging done, x amount of being mvp in connect battles, x amount of times you used "help" in guild, x amount of mana orbs used, x amount of items purchased from trader. x amount of daily quest completed, there is a more but you get the gist of it.

        6. Lower the stamina refill cost of diamonds. make it the amount you get from completing all the daily quest (30 which is low) just so they can play the game longer if they wish.

        7. Price of diamond bundles in store. Ive bought every bundle that came with a first time purchase + the idun ones and now i wont be buying anymore unless there is a sale for diamonds, otherwise i just feel ripped off. Most of the diamonds ive bought wasnt even for summoning, it was for stamina.
        - Will there be more diamond sales? or is that it

        8. Guild perks. There should be perks for joining a guild such as; increased orb drop rate, exp boost, mana drop rate increase, increased chance of great success while upgrading gear, diamond gift, more stamina, maybe make it so once a day you can spin a wheel for a chance for one of those perks or something like that.

        9. Guild "help" should have more then just 5 guild helps to give out. (stamina is a real big issue)

        10. More diverse gear and heroes( I hope well have more heroes and gear every 2 weeks or so like other good games, not game breaking heroes and gear but maybe heroes that would make character usage a lot more diverse.)

        ​11. The 3 step summon was fantastic. I wish youd bring that back more often.

        12. There is a cap at how much free diamond a f2p person can have. They are SOL when they can only get 30 from dailys and hopefully something during login. haha


        • Ateam Darrick
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          Thank you for all of the feedback! I'll just respond to a few points here.

          I think the team is going to continue to add more convenience features as time goes on. Combining orbs and collecting dailies in one go is a nice idea.

          There should be some more Guild features on the way in the future.

          There are plenty of heroes and gear on the way! A lot of them are pretty interesting and should shake things up.

          The 3-Step Summon will be available here and there. Hope you continue to enjoy it!

          Free players have the chance to earn free Diamonds from Arena rankings as well, and there will be occasional Diamond login bonuses as well. Can't forget the free Diamond Summons, too.

        1) Can you repeat the fenrir event? I started the game right after fenrir ended. Considering this game came out 10/19 and fenrir was the first event 10/19 - 11/3, I think a lot of new players missed fenrir too

        2) In the trader shop, when buying orb, can you show the amount of orb shard we have in addition to the amount of orb we have? It saves a lot of time to not have to leave the trader screen and check orb shard in the item screen

        3) More intelligent orb combining if you have all the ingredients? (technique orb for example)

        4) Bigger connect icon? (i fat fingered a few times and hitted ranking or chat)

        5) More than 1 type of connect at the same time? May be have a green and a blue icon near the red icon right now?

        6) More deals please

        7) Fix Loki so he either use MAttack or Attack? His skill set is pretty frustrating. (to a certain extent Divine Wrath (averaging MAtk and Atk) is too)
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        • Bunkorre
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          They've said that Connect Battle bosses are on a rotation, so Fenrir will come back eventually.

        • anyrotmg
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          thanks, but i don't think i see it on the jp version.. so i doubt it is being rotated

        Any chance you can remove the arena from the game? Might as well. Getting one shot by Freya ultimate made me think why am I even bothering and I am not sure any more. Yes they were at most 3k above me so I expect them to win but one shot, no. Maybe I could get around it but it will be something else. Its going to be who got who first with X trick. This game is not balanced. I will do my dailies but guess I am done. I see how this game is going to be. Spend money perfecting team to hit a wall. Change things to find some other cheapness. It takes to much time for me to hit these unknowns and suck it up and push on. If the game isn't balanced I am not playing. If I put on defense gear I won't kill fast enough. Guess I need to use the same cheap tactic myself. This is not how I wamt to be playing this game. Good luck. F2p from know on for me.

        If I am 47k and they are 50k in no way should my team be able to get one shotted. That is 10 percent percent score difference yet equeals instant death for every single character from a skill. Max lvl of 38, a few purples. No defensive gear but no one outside of heim uses them anyway. I had a normal looking team. After this happening 3 times I am here saying I give up. I've read in chat other people comment same thing. Too much time and effort creating my team for nothing. I hope you're tower thing will give meaning back to this game because it Is fun. Just the arena is BROKEN. IT is hard to make sense of the arena because one day you're winning and next losing against same range.

        End of the day one shot should not be happening and I can't tell from the scores if it will happen or not.
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        • Rezorrose
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          Sorry it's just u

        Suggestion, reply to any of these lately?


        • Ateam Darrick
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          Sorry, things have been a bit busy. It's difficult to respond to all of the suggestions and update the first post, but I am looking at all of them.

        • Banon Vi
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          Understandable some response is great though!

        I'm seeing a lot of people quit or not play as much. I haven't been playing lately either. It's the same thing everyday: grind hero quests, dailies, and then the repetitive connect battles. Orb collecting has become a hassle at this point and the game has gotten pretty stale.

        Moved on to HIT.


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          I've been seeing the opposite. What do you want from a mobile game

        • Ateam Darrick
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          Hopefully once we get some more content in the game you'll come back and join us.

        Should have achievements for forging gear similar to hero ones.

        Create X# 3*, 4*, 5* for diamonds.


          Some wish list I have on connect battle so far

          1) can you increase the amount of boss coin when hosting? either i am extremely bad luck or it is normal to get 0 boss coin from hosting 50% of the time. (the first 4-5 I hosed I get 20 coin. the net 5-6 i host I get 0 coin)

          2) can you reduce the amount of reward items needed for forging? right now it takes 12 hardstone to forge a 5 star. That is very hard to do in 14 days, even if you buy gem (because of the low coin drop rate when hosting). May be decrease it to 9 hard stone? Or alternatively lengthen the event from 14 days to 21 days?

          3) to facilitate more hosting, can you give eveyrone a couple of free connect battle a day? (if you give meat people might not use it for hosting)

          4) can you allow us to pre-set a team a head of time and get rid of the ready screen. Right not it takes 3 click to join a connect battle: 1) click the red icon on the lower left, 2) pick a team, 3) click "ready". Ideally I think it shoudl only take one click: 1) click the red icon on the lower left and that take you directly to connect battle

          5) can you get rid of the "you can not join battle now" or "the battle is full" or "battle is already ended" error message? they are really frustrating. may be make the red icon go away faster when connect is no longer available so we don't waste time trying to click the red icon

          also other feed back:

          1) can you increase the time for lunch and dinner meat reward by moving it an hour ealier? I eat lunch at 11am and the 12pm start time makes it hard, and I don't think i am the only one who eats lunch early

          2) can you reduce the amount of server maintenace? we have 2 already the past week. or alternatively, postone the start time by 3-4 hours from 6 UTC to lke 10 UTC? I played a few other games and they hardly ever have maintenance, may be once every 3-4 months.
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          • Banon Vi
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            In regards to number 2, the connect battles are in a rotation, you will inevitably get all of them.

          • Ateam Darrick
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            Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback!

            As for maintenance, I think it would be hard for Valkyrie Connect to decrease the amount right now... Maintenance is, for the most part, weekly, allows new content to go in, and is based on working hours in Japan.

          Increase the drop rate of orbs on 20-5. 700 gems for 20/60 tf is that


            for the hero quest, can you highlight the hero that still have remaining chance left? (like how you have a red dot when there are new item in trader or new reward to pick up?)

            this help knowing which hero to farm without having to click all the way to the mission screen to find out


            • Banon Vi
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              I second this!!!!

            The absolute biggest thing that drives me insane is the Free Diamond Timer. It's at a really awkward timer. The way it rotates means I'll miss it by 6-8 hours at least and quite often on my daily schedule. With the equipment that we can get off of it that's a big miss. Could you normalize it to a 24 hr rotation please? That way people like me with a full schedule can work out a set time to check it every day.

            On a side note, I saw Hero suggestions could also be a part of this thread. My suggestion is instead of a famous hero, a famous Weapon to twist things up. A Kris would be a good example, as many cultures considered them to have souls and temperaments. The human attached to the weapon could be an every-day Joe and even add a little comedy to the character.

            Welp, just my two cents. Thanks for this feedback area Darrick!


              User interface :
              Menu movement is horribly "clunky" add that to the load screens/times.
              1.) when you create an orb. the extra screen that says "Orb obtained" is unnecessary and irritating as you have to click "ok" again.
              2.When getting the orb desired from the Hero screen> complete with tickets > it stays on the screen and allows you to repeat if you want to grind more. - but going back to the hero screen>orb fuse has to go back to the mission area> is frustrating.
              > complete with regular battle > exits the mission screen after battle and you don't know which mission you were doing!
              3)going back to the main menu screen can take 2-4 screens! (add the irritating load screen)

              1)The abilities are not straight-forwardly seen. Plus the abilities don't really give much of a strategy aspect. The heroes just stay on the left and the right and bash themselves silly. there should be an aspect of the hero zooming in between the enemy ranks, or a hero dragging an enemy to the party's side, a push-back/ area-effect push back, a more obvious visual on how and who the skill affects the enemies, so it doesn't look like a cool, but jumbled mess of abilities. Plus, all the heroes always seem to reach their "limit break" at the same time (especially none front-liners) so it becomes a spam-fest.

              2) the formation of heroes are predictable. tanker in front, get clobbered and once the front is bashed, adios back lines. not much to strategize. Strong front and strong back-firepower.

              3) guilds are boring - but I read you plan to do something about it.

              World Chat:
              It's boring. Nobody really says anything except hello.

              Story is great. I'm at area 6 and I hope the story won't finish soon.
              How about a group fight but not just 5 heroes so people will not focus on the "TOP 5" only.

              Hope you read this.