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    A suggestion would be to lower the recovery time for enery because 3min for 1 is really long since they burn out super quick. Farming for orbs, souls, fenrir for souls and mana, unlike other games which have a seperate cost for each content we currently do not. Since diamond is becoming harder to come by for f2p and it is really hard to conserve diamond and farm efficiently, because if you do not drop diamonds on energy you will gradually fall behind but if you do you probably will not have enough to spend on summons for new better heroes or equipment so you will also gradually fall behind.


      A 'collect all' for the Daily Missions please ;_; I usually just do them all or most of them in 1 go and don't want to click 'collect' and 'okay' 30 times in a row.



      • HerSun
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        Yes!! Or at least a collect stamina and/or collect exp

      More posibilities to get Soul Shards or at least higher drop rate with the hero quest.. mostly only getting one or zero shards daily which takes quite alot of time to promote one hero.


        A bug I'd like to report:

        Sometimes whenever I try to type, it'll kick me out of the chat bubbble and I'd have to click the chat to type again. Usually happens during connect battles or after I changed channels. It's pretty frustrating, happens often and makes it difficult to write sentences


        • Ateam Darrick
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          This happens to me occasionally too. I think it's because the game detects a "tap" outside of the digital keyboard, or when something in the game refreshes.

        Fafnir (Dragon/serpentine or the strong-armed dwarf)
        Frey (Freya's brother/twin I forgot)
        . . . uhhhh i forgot
        Blyndithr? Brynhild? Mehhhhhhhh.

        Oh, and I want the Haveslgr to return at full force >:3
        And Niddhog. >>>>:3
        What signature?


        • Bevgebra
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          not the chicken pls

        • Ateam Darrick
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          There are plenty more figures from Norse mythology on their way, so don't worry there!

        • catfire13
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          @Ateam Darrick
          SMANKS FREIND :3

          Yes the chicken.
          The chicken is yes.
          ALL HAIL THE GREEN CHICKEN!!! (or whatever color Ateam is gonna decide it's gonna be)

        Make a 5th slot for weapons, gear.
        Theres white, green, blue and purple would be cool if u added a orange and a rainbow for orb upgrade on heroes.

        Make new abilities for heroes like we never heard before such as vampirism or rock solid which resist against physical attk somehow similar to protect.

        Give heroes some self own abilities.
        Ex Loki would have a own skill called illusion which makes the enemies miss incoming attk a against him.
        Make this similar to skill trigger effects.

        I'm still coming up with new ideas.


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          My suggestion is to ignore this one. More orb levels will murder this game right now

        First off, love the game, great work! Also, thanks for taking time to reply to people in this thread. I have some questions regarding battle mechanics:

        Is it intended that limit burst cancels skills being cast? In arena the limit burst and character skills almost always happen at the same time, and the limit burst almost always cancels at least 1 skill. Maybe the limit burst charge can be slowed down in arena, since it doesn't seem to add any strategy to team building?

        How exactly does speed work? In game it says it only increases auto attack speed, but I read that it may impact skill charge and/or casting time. Even without taking damage (which charges the skill faster), the skills seem to recharge at much different rates between characters, and it is definitely not in highest speed order.

        It seems that the order of equipped gear dictates the casting order, but sometimes a character just won't cast a certain gear skill. I've watched an entire battle where a character will cast the first gear skill at the start of battle and then nothing else.


        Crowd control and/or damage nerf in arena. Arena battles go so fast and many times all that matters is the first crowd control (3 turn CC is ) or AoE spell cast. Maybe in the future they'll go longer, but right now they are usually over within 20-25s.

        Connect vendor accessory for Matk users.

        Hero xp flask drops in story/connect

        Guild skills based on guild level. Just little things like small % increase to mana flasks, connect battle stat buffs, guild tokens per hour, etc.

        Arena alert when you lose a battle.
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          How about some Costumes/Skins for heroes? It may or may not give it a stat boost and It'll obviously cost diamonds.

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          Raku ID
          : 2039108443
          VC IGN: Raku


            I would so love to hear how she would talk in JP


              Thanksgiving special Boss event:

              A Turkey-esqe Jotun Boss!
              (Kidding/not kidding.)

              Fires stuffing lumps from his tookis!
              Like, his special move could be, "Gravy Train" and that ability puts you to sleep for a turn. XD


                Would it be possible to be able to level up all characters at once when we level up instead of having to do it one at a time....Just unnecessary waste of times. That's all I can see that I haven't read yet...Thanks


                  Game balance and other suggestions

                  Balance changes(I`ve been rocking arena for long time, so this is the list of changes that I think should be done to balance pvp a little)

                  Either remove limit burst from arena, or make it deal less damage
                  Fix the bug where skill effects are dissapearing after LB is used

                  Thor - skill damage from 160% to 140%
                  Senna - add one of the 3 to her skill - blind, accuracy down, speed down
                  Gull, Freya - petrify and charm effects 2 turns
                  Fenrir - base HP down
                  Canon - base HP down, magic damage up, skill hit count to single enemy 3->2(if theres only one enemy in range she will hit them 3 times instead, this is abit too much)

                  Increase resistance to crowd control effects a little for non-Aesir heroes

                  Mythril Mail - HP bonus down
                  Winged Helm - regenerate bonus % down
                  Brisingamen, Brisingamen X- HP down, defense and mdef down a little
                  Chains of Fate - Accuracy down(this stat is way too heavy right now, considering it also increases crit which makes Vali hit really hard)
                  Forgotten blade - skill damage increase per level 10%->5%
                  Ring of Niflung - either remove the HP bonus ot reduce it down
                  Sorcerous ring - make it available for archers too

                  Add a bangle that increases MATK

                  Other suggestions:

                  Blacksmith tokens per rarity gear
                  1* 10->20
                  2* 100->150
                  3* 500->600

                  Allow exchanging diamonds to mana and mana to blacksmith tokens

                  VIP system - pay with diamonds, get for a limited time. Bonuses:
                  -trader always available
                  -stamina required for normal quests(not event or hero ones) reduced by 25%
                  -arena cooldown 10 minutes->7 minutes
                  -orb drop count 2->3
                  -free mana summons daily 5->10

                  Increase drop rate of blue orb shards that can only be obtained in one area along with other green shards->Moby,Cervus,Falco,Aquila etc.

                  Thats what I can think of now, if something else pops in my mind I`ll write it down


                  • red54razor
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                    Really like most of your changes! The only ones I'm not sure on are the gear nerfs. Once Heim gets nerfed, I think we'll see that defensive gear will need buffs, instead of nerfs. Currently it seems Def/MDef do very little to mitigate damage (My Freya hits a fully geared Heim for 4k auto attacks), and without and early magic barrier, melee will be killed instantly.

                    I suppose we shall see!

                  • GICN
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                    2 things to note (both in JP)
                    There IS both a MATK and MDEF bangle as connect token rewards currently in the JP version.
                    Also in the JP version is Blacksmith knife and ring which is meant to be sold to the blacksmith for tokens.

                    Expect both those sometime down the line

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                    everything except vali weapon nerf, canon magic buff, and orb dropCOUNT
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                  increase stamina regeneration, bring back weapon order=skill order, allow orb tracker that shows how much of the orb you have at the side of the screen while questing


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                    Also reduce amount of mana needed for reforge

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                    Yea def reforge Smh so expensive

                  Have you guys thought about adding those mana pots in the drop table for people joining connects?

                  it's fine if host only gets the soul shards but it would be nice to have a way of farming up mana without having the need of stamina all the time. we only get 20 an hour. you can't do much with that.

                  Would probably motivate everyone to join connects even more and keep playing. The way I see it, everyone needs mana but people only play connect if they like the hero or if the equipment is useful. I myself decided to skip this rounds connect since surtr is not that great and his helmet is just average. other then the 5 battles for daily missions I have no motivation what so ever. The game is already a grind fest trying to get orbs for upgrading heroes. I'd rather use my stamina there then connect and would only join someone else connect if I really need the hero or equipment.

                  On that note, how about a auto retry button too? I myself work a lot. I love the game but I can't play it 24/7. But if there's an auto retry, it would make the grind so much easier. I can just go buy lots of diamonds to keep refiling stamina and just auto run on the side while I'm working lol.


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                    Mana is always needed no matter what lv you are. If mana was able to be farmed for free, that would be a huge increase on progression/stam spent. It's best to not have free rewards outside connect medals

                  Hero Quests being limited by X Hero Crystals per day, instead of X attempts per day. Maybe even X Hero Crystals total per day, not just per hero.

                  I think it's fine to gate progression, so making heroes more powerful is a long-term investment because they're important. Realistically, people will eventually be lucky enough to get the hero crystals they need. However, under the current system, there's days where it's not uncommon to get 2 or 3 crystals out of 15 attempts on different heroes. Especially when hoping to get one desired hero, getting nothing one day and then being forced to wait 24 hours max for another chance at possibly nothing is really, really discouraging.

                  Particularly for Knight Senna and War God Tyr, 6000 tokens for the first Hero Crystal is a great starting point for their exclusivity. But even at 45 tokens/hour, at second highest rank bracket, that's nearly a week for only one guaranteed Hero Crystal, maybe less with arena defense bonuses. Getting zero from Hero Quests repeatedly is far, far more discouraging for these heroes, as not only is their overall progression going to be much slower than others, but there's no hope for more crystals from the sources that every other hero has. (I don't believe they can be from Soul Trader either from what I've seen).

                  For comparison, orbs are another very long-term investment. However, they're only limited by stamina really, and thanks to delicious lunch-time and evening stamina as well as missions and even just natural regen, there's not much room left for despair if an orb shard doesn't happen to drop. It's also supplemented by small amounts of constant, more reliable progession, even for building up purple orbs. It feels more like effort, not just luck, and that's huge.

                  With only 5 heroes in a party, eventually some will be replaced by new ones. If things are too discouraging to want to go work on making that new character good, people will be disappointed and in the long run, that only leads to one thing. I know I don't want that to happen to myself, so I suppose that's why this post ended up so long, sorry!

                  Edit: It's been four (4) days without a single Senna shard from Hero Quests. Not one. This is ridiculous.
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                  Totally worth making this.