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Official Suggestions/Requests thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    Please let us flag heroes as favorites so they can be at the top of the list on hero selection!


      Hello community

      I know that for instance, others developpers listen pretty well to their community, let's see if A-team does the same

      As suggestions, I will propose the following things :
      - Put a "clear all" button for the stuffs pages, because it really takes long to remove character by character.
      - Add more stuffs pages
      - I dont understand a thing, that in multi battle we can't x2 seems legit, but what about the solo mode ? We should be able to x2 here, would save a lot of time
      - Would be appreciated to use "fast ticket" in solo CB
      - When we upgrade stuff, we should have a view on the xp, not to have to click on the item, to check which xp is given at the moment, then to turn back to check if it's ok.
      - Also When we reach the max lvl, the system shouldnt allow us to put more items to xp. We should be blocked.
      - About items, when we want to sell items (or to upagrade), we have a limit of 20 (15) max. Each time we sell (upgrade) our item, the check list starts again from scratch, which is pretty annoying to scroll down to check at which point we was.
      - About events, that pretty good that you're adding a lot of events, but sometimes there are 3 events at a time, and it's really hard to focus on the 3 events in the same time. So you should slow down a bit.

      I guess i'm done for now Thx for reading me (btw English isn't my mother tongue, I hope it's understandable)


        Sadly I'm kinda new to this game so I don't really have the terminology down so I apologise in advance should anything that I post be confusing (same goes for the subject title).

        As someone who has only been playing for the past month I have to admit my lack of knowledge of the game has lead me to a bit of a dilemma.

        I started playing around the Miku expo and it was the main reason I originally got into this game and was lucky enough to get the hero's I wanted, and I'm not really a binge player but nonetheless I still enjoy playing. However I ended up making a decision that ill informed me made was upgrading my 4* regular Hatsune Miku to a 5*. What I didn't realize is that this permanently altered the appearance of the hero itself and I could not switch back. I asked around after and soon enough via the chat function realised my mistake but out of this I thought that maybe some people were very much like me in this circumstance of having a particular fondness of old appearance's so my idea is as follows:

        To allow players to freely switch between hero appearances specifically related to that hero via the profile menu. (So for example 5* Miku appearance to the 3* version).

        I have other ideas as to how this could work for example making it a part of the already existing costume system by simply making the 3* appearance the default and then adding in the 5* as a sort of costume reward, allowing players to have the freedom to choose what appearance they want to use at their own discretion.

        Mainly I ask this out of nostalgia for my Hatsune Miku V1 outfit over the games 5* appearance but nonetheless if anyone has any ideas to compliment of how this may he improved I'm all ears. One thing I however don't know is if the forum is listened to since people I asked in game went completely silent and I'm new to the community so I don't really have much to say on that
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          x100 Mana Summons.

          Mana has little use for max level'ed players and using it on Summons for forge gear is basically its only use, but constantly doing the x10 time(s) summon over and over is a dull grind that takes time away from the game itself. Nobody wants to sit there for 30 minutes doing nothing but summoning for 1 star and 2 star forge runes. I also wouldn't mind a auto-sell-1star-non-forge-gear button too, but for now I'll settle for a x100 Mana Summon button.

          Alot of VC players use reddit and are unaware that ateam doesn't use reddit, so I'm trying to direct them over here.

          Thank you for viewing my comment.
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            Increase drop rates? change the way drops are given?

            Reading that makes it sound like I'm some random guy that can't take a loss. That's not really my problem however.

            The thing is: Whenever I play connect I come accross players who have all the characters of the current event. Yesterday I got into two connect battles where the guy next to me has a set of characters that are simply beyond my wildest dreams. The same goes for the arena. I come across players who have the newest characters and although my comp isn't bad, I still don't get why I can't get any of those new event characters.

            I've spent over 350 dollars now and none of those drops were any of the featured characters. I've played this game for quite some time now but honestly it feels like the programming of the game is deliberately stopping me. The stupid thing is, and that's why I'm writing this comment now: today I let go of my frustrations in the in-game chatroom and several people responded. All of them had drops by simply doing the daily free summons. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I thought they meant normal drops. The characters and items that normally drop for me with either diamond or mana summon. But no, they had actual event characters by doing the daily free event summons.

            How am I the only one who has played this game for over a year now, never gotten a single one of those event drops? What kind of programming is going on behind the scenes that preventing me from getting them? Is it country related? (I'm from europe).

            I just don't know how to solve the problem or what I'm doing wrong. I play daily and do all free summons as often as possible. I complete the daily quests like everybody else and still for some reason I'm left in the dark why the drop rates are so bad. I came across a guy last week in arena who was way lower level than me (indicating he played a lot less) and had a full set of scion characters in his arena deck. just... Wtf?

            I'm out of words and I honestly would love to see this getting a change.


              I request Mimir's dress in the trader, when S2 came out it wasn't added and now I wonder if it remains forgotten or was too op, and if it gets finally added, then hopefully with an announcement so we know. Meanwhile some older heroes still lack their sp gear, like Muninn, Huginn has his own but why not her? It's odd since newer heroes get already their sp gear, which is kind of unfair.


                Any chance Ateam staff can implement something like a non-gacha non-gear cosmetic item store, to use more of that cosmetic slot? That can be flooded with skins to the most used heroes and sell for something like 5~10 bucks, it's good revenue.

                I'd even skip my lunch to buy some, without brooding over spending a large amount of money for a chance at something.


                  Camera Angles. Nobody wants to get the coolest character just to stare at the back of their head during every Connect/Raid/Bifrost. The point of view camera in your other game Revue Starlight has an amazing distance and angle. The Bifrost already has a button to change the point of view camera angles. Bifrost's button + Revue Starlight's distance/angle.

                  Interesting Collabs: Valkyrie Drive, Queen's Blade, Maken Ki.


                    Alot of times you can't use your favorite heroes because their not useful for the current event/pvp/connect. Maybe add a small list 5-10 heroes that rotate on the home screen, instead of the 2D cardboard cutout images of them, show them the way they are in the heroes tab, 3D.

                    The blacksmith tab shows us two heroes, Blacksmith Volundr and Traveling Trader Corona. Instead of those two why not add a small list, maybe 5 different heroes that rotate in/out so we can see from time to time our favorite heroes that have little use in pvp and connects. So our favorites who have little use can get some screen time.


                      First, just want to say, thank you to the ATeam Dev team for implementing one of my suggestions earlier (upgrade items outside of blacksmith screen)! Not sure if it was from my suggestion or not, but happy it's there all the same.

                      I would like to suggest that equipped gear doesn't count against inventory space. Otherwise, there's less incentive to want to actually get more heroes who will require more gear! I've actually had people say that to me in chat, so it's not just something I'm making up. Instead with my suggestion, it would be just the opposite, people would want more heroes for more inventory space.



                        The Ranked CB be separated between the ones that have the bonus character and the ones that don't;
                        A limit of 12.500 diamond spend to get a new hero. So, the maximum that we need to spend to get a new hero will become 12.500(5 steps);
                        Bonus chance in gacha based in the number of characters, the more you have, the more will get(disregarding newbies);
                        Buff in the old heroes, most then are useless(just look the arena).
                        One more space for equipment to PvE;
                        Auto collect "almost expired" items;
                        More good item events (to be used in CB), which can be obtained by weak and median accounts;
                        Less op heroes.