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  • Please let us flag heroes as favorites so they can be at the top of the list on hero selection!


    • Hello community

      I know that for instance, others developpers listen pretty well to their community, let's see if A-team does the same

      As suggestions, I will propose the following things :
      - Put a "clear all" button for the stuffs pages, because it really takes long to remove character by character.
      - Add more stuffs pages
      - I dont understand a thing, that in multi battle we can't x2 seems legit, but what about the solo mode ? We should be able to x2 here, would save a lot of time
      - Would be appreciated to use "fast ticket" in solo CB
      - When we upgrade stuff, we should have a view on the xp, not to have to click on the item, to check which xp is given at the moment, then to turn back to check if it's ok.
      - Also When we reach the max lvl, the system shouldnt allow us to put more items to xp. We should be blocked.
      - About items, when we want to sell items (or to upagrade), we have a limit of 20 (15) max. Each time we sell (upgrade) our item, the check list starts again from scratch, which is pretty annoying to scroll down to check at which point we was.
      - About events, that pretty good that you're adding a lot of events, but sometimes there are 3 events at a time, and it's really hard to focus on the 3 events in the same time. So you should slow down a bit.

      I guess i'm done for now Thx for reading me (btw English isn't my mother tongue, I hope it's understandable)