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    Not game related, but are there any plans for merchandise? I would really love to have a Mia or Freya figure!


    • Verdungo
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      Welcome to the forums and YEEEEESSSS I want Wolfgang !

    Not sure if this has already been suggested but,

    Perhaps making hero costumes available all the time? Or at least more frequently, or things like a monthly costume only summon(?)

    Something along these lines would be pretty nice imo, thanks


      When I complete a Connect Battle I always click the log button to see how I did compared to the others players. But that does not give me the detail of how my heroes did amongst each other like you can see in Arena.

      This is because Connect battles are a great way to see the full potential of your group in an extended amount of time. So my suggestion is that I want to see my heroes' damage report in connect battles.
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        For events, please make it easier to get event souls. It has been mentioned in a page of Connected Adventures where April makes an off-handed comment about the Proofs of Contract in the UBW event.

        It was, and I quote:
        "I wonder if the preist guy could give me one soul for a thousand of these."

        That could open the Hero Quest and the long grind to unlock and raise the hero gained. The twenty souls for 5000 Diva Brooches/Proofs of Contract/etc is cool for an instant hero, but not everyone is going to get a high ranking and that much currency. It is also VERY unfair to see so much Saber when people like me had no chance of gething her in the first place (Even with the constant killing of the Connect Bosses). Having a single soul for 250 or 500 will open a wider part of the Valkyrie Connect population to heroes they may never see again and balance the competitive field like the Arenas.


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          It has been mentioned before that these limited heroes to be added into the Soul Trader which afaik only halloween garm is in there. I wish I could buy the NYE heroes or halloween and christmas cosplays.

        • Luigigirl65
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          Actually, I saw Idun and Drakuloki in there along with Mani Claus. Haven't seen the NYE heroes and the Summer goddesses are coming.

          I hope these collab heroes could end up in Soul Trader at least. I promised Rin an Archer and came back with Shirou (Reflected in TCAoAR 1). I don't usually back out of these.

          That and I want Saber.

        Reforging/items in general are a huge PITA. Currently, I can't use as reforge fodder items that are being used. I refuse to chase down everybody wearing a 4* def bangle just so I can reforge a 5*.

        Seriously, any of the following simple changes would fix this:
        1) Make all chars naked with a single button push
        2) Change char equipment from blacksmith menu
        3) Make the menus load faster, so it doesn't take bloody forever to go from blacksmith -> hero list -> blacksmith [while it makes the process less onerous, I'll still get carpel tunnel]
        4) Probably the most obvious solution is to just let us reforge away items that are currently being used.

        I'm not asking for all 4 things; any ONE of them should fix the problem.


        • Luigigirl65
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          Make them naked? This isn't Huniepop! *badum tsss*

        Suggestion: Fix the lag. Please?!


          For connect battles, we currently can only see how much damage total each player's team did collectively and the mvp on your own team. Please add the ability to see how much damage your heroes did individually during connect battles. Like how you can see individual hero damage in Arena matches.

          On the subject of seeing damage. Can you add the option to show how much of a hero's damage was from limit break? Currently you see hero's damage as an orange meter. You could make it to continue to show damage in orange, then have the right end of damage in blue with blue numbers on bottom showing how much limit break damage they did total. So you would see orange meter with hero damage on top, with blue meter continuing on the right of it showing limit break damage on bottom, then at very right of damage meter you see total of the two combined.

          Finally, could you please add a feature to manually enter an amount for quick ticketing quests and selling of excess orbs and items? It would be much more convenient to have a number pad pop up and type in the exact number of quick ticket quests I want to do. It is reallllly annoying when you have 999 of some orbs and have to manually press the button 300 times to sell 300 extra orbs. I am not suggesting get rid of the plus and minus, but just add clickability for manual entry.


          • Verdungo
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            For connect battle damage, it is implemented on the Solo version of the fight. Expect the same damage distribution (or similar) on the Multi version.

            The limit break is already added to the main hero casting the limit break. And with multiples I have seen that it gives the 10% damage increase to the other heroes. So technically it has already been implemented, just not divided. But what would be the benefit for it? Limit break damage is neglible compared to hero damage.

            Agreed on third suggestion !

          • Adajer
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            i might not remember who did LBs and how many. They can throw off results. in an arena battle its pretty easy to remember who did how many. not so much in connect.

          It would be nice if when you did these special connect tokens (i.e. the Summer ones now), they had their own trader with orbs/mana (like the Beach one). Or if you gave us the ability to trade them out for something else.

          Ideas for trade out:

          Orb Shards
          Normal Connect Tokens (i.e. not specific connect boss tokens)
          Summer Hero Souls
          Summer Hero SP/X Equipment

          The bottom 2 are a pipe dream but being able to trade them out for the other 3 isn't really that unrealistic.

          I think allowing any unique connect token to be traded out for the bog standard normal connect token is fair. As that then allows those tokens to be converted to Mana/Orbs/Bangles/Trader Refreshes after you have run out of use for a bosses unique tokens. Most other items I can think of have the option to be converted into something else except for boss/special connect tokens(Orbs can be broken into Mana, Equipment can be sold for Blacksmith Tokens, Souls can be used in Soul store, Normal connect tokens can be spent on mana/orb shards)


          • Verdungo
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            Id be happy to change all the ----Not-Valhalla but still Tower---- tokens for valhalla tokens. Seriously I love the towers but this is getting redonkulous.

          It would be amazing if we could see collaboration in a future of:

          -Megaman X
          -Fullmetal Alchemist
          -Street Fighter
          -Devil May Cry
          -One Piece

          Please, Please, think about it.


            I did a quick search and didn't find this, so I apologize if this has already been submitted. I would love to see an option to sort items by type. For example, when sorted by type, all Brave Swords would be lined up next to each other (5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 stars) with them all in a row. This would make it so much easier to upgrade specific items via duplicate items.

            Thank you!
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            • Verdungo
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              Second this suggestion. It is complicated not to do duplicates on SP and XSp when all your gear is across different star lvs.

              Also welcome to the forums.

            Thanks Verdungo! I usually just lurk, but with the gear event going on I've been doing a lot of item upgrades and having this feature would have been really helpful!
            It's such a chore and far more difficult than it needs to be. I can't imagine it's only me who's ever thought this...


              My suggestion is to enable the Rate list that all Characters have to know the provability in "%" they have to go out in their respective invocations (Especially in Star Party and Moon Party that has very low rates) and so players can evaluate more easily if we risk or not spend gems.

              If I want character "X" and the provability that comes out is 20% I will try many times, but if it is 2% it chance they are helping me not to lose my time if I am not completely convinced.

              I await a competent response, Regards!
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                Hey there everyone. So I just have a couple suggestions right off the top I can think of.
                For one... I would not be alone in saying I wanna see a Final Fantasy crossover. You'd be silly to pass that up.
                And second, can we PLEASE put some different souls in the arena trader? Just some for rotation besides Senna and Tyr? The arena trader has become pointless for me sadly :/ thanks


                  • Collaborations:

                  We need more collaborations! I just know we will not be getting Attack on Titans but if you guys can try to get an approval from Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy for a collab this will absolutely make the game 100% more fun and also bring in more players to join Valkyrie Connect~
                  So as a suggestion for collabs please check out the following:
                  • Fire Emblem - Fire Emblem Heroes
                  • Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy XV
                  • Kill La Kill - Anime
                  • Sailor Moon - Anime
                  • Tokyo Ghoul - Anime
                  • Hatsune Miku - Pt. 2
                  • WE NEED MORE DARRICK

                  Dear Darrick, we love you so much and we would really like to get to know more about you!
                  If you have the time please sticky a thread of "Getting to know our staff" We have a lot of appreciation for you guys and for maintaining the game
                  • New Mythology:

                  So as far as we know it Valkyrie Connect is known for both Norse and Japanese Mythology, we would really like more Mythology related heroes but if not I can understand how a mix up between Norse and Greek Mythology. It wouldn't make sense but it would be very interesting to mix the bowl of salad right?

                  PS: Do you guys really read these suggestions? Please reply to this any ATeam Admin.


                    Here we go:
                    • Copy gear set: a feature that allow the players to copy a gear setting from one slot to another. The system will speed up the configuration swapping in specific cases (for example: swapping a character for a specific battle, where most of the characters will keep the original set but the new addition will carry some items of the swapped character and/or other items).
                    • Hero Quests, allowance preview (index): This will help players to sort the soul collection task more quickly if they perform the task in intervals the same day. Another interesting thing can be to add an indicator to allow the player know what quests are 'maxed' (map progression i mean).
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                    • iarashi
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                      Please add Clear all gear from the gear set. I dont want to manually remove the gears from every hero lol