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Details are in this thread.
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Line Chat group for Valkryie Connect

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    Line Chat group for Valkryie Connect

    Since my previous post has been removed with no any message from the admin while i did ask for permission afterwards but still have no response after two days i will just post it again.

    I made a Line group chat to socialize with other players playing Valkyrie Connect!
    If you want to join please pm me.
    Last edited by [MOD] Carren; 11-04-2016, 11:49 PM. Reason: Don't post personal info. Please read forum rules. just ask them to pm you for details :)

    There's a line group with around 80 ppl in it alrdy. If you would like to join, pm me your line ID and I'll invite you ^^
    Too casual for signatures...