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  • Fanwork/Suggestion

    I dont know where this topic should be located but I think its a creative idea so I'll have to go with Fan Works lol
    Anyways I was wondering since ATeam does both Game and Anime Collaborations, i was hoping maybe this will give them an idea to make a


    I've been working on this for quiet awhile but its not much tho. Just a simple future suggestion that I hope will be pass on to the developers. Anyways so lets start off with the main characters.

    Valkyrie Connect: Valkyrie Skuld, Cannoneer Canon, Wrecker Stella and Reaper Mia
    Kill La Kill: Ryuko Matoi, Mako Mankanshoku, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ragyo Kiryuin,
    Future Heroes[AKA Suggested]: Disciplinary Ira Gamagori. Athletic Uzu Sanageyama, Non-Atheltic Nonon Jakuzure and Strategy Hoka Inumuta

    Chapter One: Canon has received an invitation to attend Honnouji Academy to improve her cannon skills, which she questions why would she need to attend a school is she's already "skillful" with her cannon. While she continue to read more of the invitation Skuld exit out from a buffet as she spot Canon alone reading the letter. Greeting to Canon , Canon hushed Skuld not to interrupt her reading but Skuld was curious to know what she was reading and continue to baffle until Canon shout to her telling her that she is attending Honnouji Academy. Skuld questioned why would she need to attend a school? Embarrassingly blushing Canon said that she needs to go their and teach students how to use their weapons properly. Taking a peek at the letter Skuld informed Canon that she may bring 2 guest with her. With a cheerful shriek Skuld begged Canon is she can take her and [You]. Canon sighed having no choice but to invited Skuld to attend school as long as she behaves and doesn't embarrass Canon.

    Chapter Two: As they arrived to Honnouji Academy Skuld was amazed to see such a huge school is. Distracted by how huge the building is, a young quirky girl running and crying towards the trio yelling gibberish words. Feel irritated by her annoying gibberish Canon told the young female to stay calm and explain to her whats going on. Before she can explain she introduce herself as Mako Mankanshoku, she said she is being harassed by the Athletic Club. Skuld said they will protect her from bullies of some sort. Skuld, Canon, Mako and [Hero Name] are off to take on the bully who was harassing her.

    Chapter Three: The chair committee of the Athletic Club; Uzu Sanageyama laughed telling the story on how they picked on Mako and how defenseless she was. Skuld yelling out, "Hey what you did to poor Mako wasn't very nice." Uzu chuckled a little telling Skuld if she wants a piece of him, Canon standing by her side telling Skuld she will help her out. Uzu laughing at such a joke telling them that they won't stand a chance.

    Chapter 2-1: Uzu almost being defeated admiring how strong they are but not close to beating him. He explain to them that these uniform have a unique power that will destroy them, as he was about to demonstrate a mysterious figure has cut into the fight. Uzu notice who it was. He hesitate to say words but Mako was so happy to yell "RYUKO!!!" With a grin on Ryuko face looking back at Mako relieved to see that she is safe, she glared at Uzu threatening him if he ever lays a hand on her he would see the day of light. Uzu stayed silent for a bit as he retrieved with his club members telling Ryuko that they may win this round but he will inform Satsuki about the situation. Mako running and crying, she hugged Ryuko smothering her with a strong hug. Ryuko yelled Mako to let her go, but she continue to cry and speak gibberish, the gang chuckled nervously as Skuld thanked Ryuko for saving them from danger. Ryuko said that she should be thanking them for saving and protecting Mako. As they all introduce themselves, Ryuko offered them a tour of the school but also would like them to join the Fighting Club which Mako is the Fighting Club President. Surprised as they are, they would of never thought Mako is the President of a fighting club but as long as they all stick together they will be safe. They all happily agree to join them as they continue to their tour.
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    Limited Time Hero:

    Kill La Kill Collab Summon Part.1

    Minor Errors:
    • On Ryuko Bio last line say 'scares' but it should be corrected to 'cares'
    • On Satsuki Bio she was suppose to be titled as "Student Council President' as the word 'President' is missing
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      Word format to forum?

      Also <3 Kill la Kill art and I dont think we use Canon for anything yet.

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      Element Resistant:
      Earth: Semi-Average
      Fire: Semi-Average
      Water: Semi-Average
      Light: Semi-Average
      Dark: Semi-Average

      Earth: Above Average
      Fire: Excellent
      Water:Below Average
      Light: Semi-Average
      Dark: Average

      Earth: Average
      Fire: Below Average
      Water: Excellent
      Light: Above Average
      Dark: Semi-Average

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    RES PART 2


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          This is so great!