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  • Hero Homage!

    I have a goal in mind. I want to draw as many heroes I humanly can, so I figured a thread to do just that would help keep me motivated. I don't know how long I could do this for, but let's see whether all the details make or break me.

    The first one here is Maully. I wanted to draw her for a long time, and Im happy to finally have it done after months of struggling with her dang dress!
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    Hi Allrose! I have to remove the unsupported link. Hope you understand.

    If you would like to post an image kindly refer to this link:

    BTW, You have good skills and a cool fan art! Keep it up


    • Allrose
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      No I understand completely, and thank you for bringing that link to my attention! I must look like a fool for not finding it sooner.

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    You got her personality perfectly. Keep going man !
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      I really like the way you drew Maully's expressions!!
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        Next up is Lancer Sonia! One of my earlier favorites to play with, but the first hero to have too many dang details for me to deal with. Also that hair. I do not understand that hair.
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          Lancer Sonia's expressions are so funny! Wish you can make some comics.

        • Anda Yumiko
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          You DEFINITELY hit the mark with depicting Sonia's personality. Nicely done!

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        Now we have Traveling Trader Corona! Strange hat, but I presume the goggles arent actually a part of it.


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          You are so talented! I love how lively the expressions are.

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        Thunder God Thor! Taking a few good weeks to do, but BOY it was worth the dedication! His hair [among other parts to him] was incredibly intimidating, but once I learned how the routine went, it became a lot of fun. You can just go wild with that 'do!


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          Gunslinger Wolfgang! I have never in my entire life drew an anthropomorphic character, and never EVER a fully fleshed one at that! But I figure, hey, this guy deserves some spotlight. I don't think he is used as often as he could be. I know I don't use him.