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Garm trying to steal hotdog GIF

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  • Garm trying to steal hotdog GIF

    Since I'm bored, here's a gif about Garm trying to steal hotdog

    Greetings, recruits! In order to keep server loads to a minimum, direct image uploads are disabled on the forums. HOWEVER! You can still share images or
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    Post it directly on this forum, because I aint clicking that. Got malwared once when I was too clicker-happy.
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    • Yaichi
      Yaichi commented
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      Sorry, I didn't know how to post it directly. Last time I used the code [img]IMAGE URL HERE[/img], it didn't work (the image didn't appear) ;__;
      Thankfully the forum mod seemed to edit my post (thank you very much mods !!!) so hope you enjoy.

    • [MOD] Kier
      [MOD] Kier commented
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      Hi Yaichi! You can read more information on how to post images here: I hope this helps!

    • Verdungo
      Verdungo commented
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      Yaichi DAW thats really cute. Good job !