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    Hi! This is my 4koma series!its heavily inspired by TCoAR, and i credit luigigirl so much for that idea(its not a rip i swear)! Alright! Here's the first 2 4komas!

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    Thanks for sharing! Its very creative! Im looking forward for more of this! Btw, some words are hard to read (maybe its just me, or my phone's screen is too small and i cant seem to zoom it in) if it is okay with you please make the words a little bigger next time or move your phone closer when taking a picture. Thank you


    • Ciitrine
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      oh, right,right here's the dialouge

      Chosen One
      Skuld: of course! you're the one and only chosen of the runestones, right?
      Protagonist: Oh rlly?
      Skuld:Yes! there's only one chosen one, as said!
      protag: then explain this.
      bg: Connect battles, guild, guild wars, arena, ranking, mercenaries
      Skuld: well... that's.... uhhh....
      (hel pls help Skuld)
      Fighting a Succubus
      Liciela: oh nooo~~~~
      Protag:ugh... take that! and that!
      Skuld: nice job resisting the succubus!
      Hel: yeah, but I still have one question...
      Hel: Why did you struggle fighting that succubus, you're female, right?
      Protag: oh, that's because...(puts on shades) I'm gay
      Hel: That's not something you should be proud of!
      (humans are indeed stupid, hel...)
      hope this helps!

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    Third 4koma! This time in hd!
    ( i still don't know how to post pics)
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    • iarashi
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      You can use [img] picture link [/img]

      for deviant art, right click (desktop) the picture or long press it (mobile) then open image to new tab then copy the link above it.

      For imgur just copy the link

      I dont know about the others

    • Luigigirl65
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      Iarashi is right. I use Deviantart to upload all the TCAoAR, so I can confirm that method.

    • Ciitrine
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      thank you so much for all of you! I'll use this method from now on then!

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    I am so happy right now. This work is really funny!


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      You shouldn't be proud of being gay? Wow okay. I guess we are back in fifth grade.

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      • Ciitrine
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        if you look real close, you can see that hel is blushing.

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      Another 4koma, this time featuring the dark demon!

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        A JoJoke? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!


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          Top kek

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        Im running out of ideas help


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          Human wolfgang seems legit xD

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        This garbage is back...