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  • TCAoAR

    Join April Romanov, a normal human trusted with the power of the Rune Knife, as she adventures through the world, summoning heroes, demons, and gods to help prevent Ragnarok. As the one (of the eight million) trusted with this power, she will bring justice and peace while dealing with the problems of having so many clashing personalities on her side.

    This is a personal project for myself to vent my feelings for this game. I love it, but it has problems like everything.

    Is the quality of this bad? Yes, but that's the point. It's meant to be quickly made and quickly spread, hopefully capturing the feelings of players with similar problems (Kinda like a s**tpost). My good art will be saved for real, serious pictures. I will post the comic here and on my DeviantArt roleplay page.

    Here is the first entry for this monstrosity.

    I hope you guys enjoy, because this is not the last you'll see of this terrible piece.

    If you can't follow it here, every page is also posted here:
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    I actually love it. The less details the drawing the more my mind searches for the intention of the author. Also looks cute =]
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      Thank you so much. I already got an idea for the next part ;w;

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    This is epic, Luigigirl65! You should turn this into a series!


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      ;u; Thank you so much. I can assure you this is gonna be a series.

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    If you enjoy your piece of work, that's all that matters, but I also like it as well, every art style is unique, and I laughed a bit. Keep it up
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      Here's the next part for those who wanted it!

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          Oh gods if only...

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          I laughed way too much at this omg

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          Verdungo This is the first time this game actually left me speechless.

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          I am closely monitoring this thread.

          "Rank 3 casual hype"


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              What? Luigigirl65 got two Connected Adventures out? Blasphemy!
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                Poor Loki! XD

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              Siber is a nation east of Nordicia and west of Yamato, deep in the northern lands. The residents lived under a czar until a revolution set a new, worse tyrannical government. The falling czars sent their heir out of the nation, where she was raised in Nordicia.

              April Romanov is the missing czarina of Siber, and no one knows this as her entire legacy was destroyed. All she knows is that her lineage can be traced from here. This is why her life force tastes like crap.

              I might do a more serious story based on this.


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                Since the collaboration ended and he was put on the Battle Arena's third (and most unused) party, Gilgamesh was forced to a few jobs from April to keep himself relevant. Little did he know, each one was just to get some sweet, Siberan justice.


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                  Noone takes him seriously lol.

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                is it okay for me to do a comic series similar to this one? also, these comics are very funny!


                • Luigigirl65
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                  Yo, yoyoyoyo.

                  If you do, I would be the happiest person alive. This is a solid 'yes'.

                  And thank you!

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                For those of you wondering what April is singing in the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' entry (Aka Gilgamesh punishment part 2), it's a parody of 'Stronger than You'. It was basically my power theme during the collab.
                For those of you who WANT the lyrics, here they are. Note, I am working on a Saber version so it relates better with the story the collab brought.
                Just give up now.
                It's the fifth time.
                I can assure that the end is nothing that you want it, boy,
                So why even try?
                By now you should know that I'm here to grind.

                But Archers, man, they're always just fools.
                Go ahead, try to get us with your fancy tools;
                Us five, we're already winning.
                Come at us, damn Hero King.

                Go ahead, try to hit us if you're able.
                You should be knowing we won't be disabled.
                You'd think by now we're getting sick of fighting,
                But these mongrels won't end up dying!
                Gods at my side, it ain't gonna work.
                Gilly, son, we gonna take you to church.
                Even without them we got our Canon
                And with Rin, you arse is handed.

                We're gonna show o-o-o-o-our pow-ow-ow-ow-ower
                O-o-o-o-our pow-ow-ow-ow-wer

                [Instrumental Break, but with banter, and April humming over it]

                (April: Now, if you just gave up the Grail Points and Tokens, this wouldn't be an issue.)
                (Gilgamesh: I won't give in to your demands, mongrels!)
                (April: Well, in that case, Rin? You got your jewels?)
                (Rin: On it!)
                (April: Loki, get it together, man!)
                (Loki: You have no idea the Fear I have!)
                (*Garm Barks*)
                (Hel: Get him, boy!)
                (April: Canon! Limit Burst!)
                (Canon: Now we're talking!)

                This is where it stops.
                This is where it ends.
                We're not going to fall when we got our weapons in hand.
                No matter how you strike us, we won't give up the attack!
                Do you not see how it will end? Do you know just where you stand?

                Go ahead, try to hit us if you're able.
                You should be knowing we won't be disabled.
                I know that it's victory which you covet,
                But you and Kirei can go and shove it!
                Now you're getting owned, and you don't know how.
                Tell me Gilly, who's the mongrel now?
                Gods here are fighting, Humans aren't dying,
                We're all Beasts to your position.

                We're gonna show o-o-o-o-our pow-ow-ow-ow-ower
                And it's stronger than you.
                Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.
                [Connect Battle Ends, complete with sound effects]
                This is literally the document I have for it. Enjoy.