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A team... you should look in another direction.

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    A team... you should look in another direction.

    well... I'm a very old player here. and I ever saw so many things... but now i see situation is critic,day a day,im less motivated to play because:

    1 my main is lancer, and actually is worst class in so all aspects:

    1.1 - Lancer damage,it's extremely down, compared with mages,archers,include lancers is hitting more hard. Soldiers,benefits more than fire monsters,than lancer class, red is our colour, but,sadly its better for soldiers because they get more benefits from ATK and DEF stats from his skill DUAL SWORD.
    1.2 - in GVG lancers are in extremely disavantadge, thanks to mages killing 3 persons easily with meteor rain(they hits 60k by meteor,hitting multiples times to 3 persons) lancer can't burst them fastly because his damage is low,and its needed 2 lancers to kill 1 mage... but if there are 3 mages... GG.
    1.3 mages/healers,has got 2 great awesome colours to play (you can play 7 yellow monsters to have very more defense,or 7 dark monsters to have full mdef) lancers,and soldiers we can't do that because... neutral color is being forgottened,(rarely events with neutral color,there are not 30/34 neutral cost monsters to do that...) mages and healers here got another advantatge over melees.
    1.4 archers got insane damage,hitting multiples times(as mages) but they got burst crit damage,while,in u damage,or play loyalty build or some others build... lancer can't do that,near his skills are useless,except 5 attacks,we can't play another good (kb,double sting,savage sting) are the only good skills in lancer.
    1.5 EVENT RED MONSTERS: are usually useless,apollo hits 1-3 times... usually 1,and does very low damage. later.. P2P monsters(nezha for example) got more accuracy,and does more damage than apollo,while ne zha is a lower cost monsters...

    Vol and rena: unique 34 fire cost monster,she heals 10k,removes crit damage,and poison(poison 1 times from 20 times) his utility,,, its only heal 10k,because crit stat it can be removed too with avsaris and any debuff skill, why play only a monster to remove a rarely stat? other class got better monsters archers,got alice(she makes enemy bar goes lower,and good damage) they got winged dragon zephyr(heals 10% of life every 5s,and debuff barriers (unique skill to remove barriers) 34 cost blue monster,can erase healing stats (unique skill to remove HoTs)

    conclusion... vol and rena, and apollo are useless... compared with other blue monsters,as avsaris(debuff,confuses and do big damage) ,and wind monsters(alice,makes enemy slower and good damage) .

    1.6 if you won't add a new classes... make lancer benefit more his atk with modify his damage formules.
    1.7 5 archers with WOC is enough to 1-2 turns break gem,while others class requires more than 3-4 rounds to break gem. this make a dead and useless meta,only win who got more archers.

    2- Game is turning entirely P2P

    2.1 getting 1 only gem per day,and only do 1 gem spawn per month,is extremely insane to people,due your extremely fake rates up, 6 month,only 2 SSR useless(Hp up during first 60s?)
    2.2 rates up are bug,or are not true. because... in 6 gem spawns,gave same sh*t items that can't be reforges(SR only)
    2.3 transmutation... again,another useless process,i put 5 SR and i never get any SR can't be reforged to UR.
    2.4 gem spawn,its fulfilled by SR and SSR items that can't be reforged to SSR or UR, a good idea,will be remove all of that by spawns for a healthy game.
    2.5 gem spawn it's fulfilled by very old weapons,that actually are not good(weapons maked by not advanced class...)
    2.6 i play here long time ago... i never got ANY MALE ARMOR in gem spawn.. only FEMALE ARMOR,this is making me annoy the game,
    2.7 GVG/colosseum will only win P2P who got any uni lock..... i think in this point i dont need to add more information,it's obviously.
    2.8 gem spawn who gives EXP quest,only for who buy it? F2P have to forgot it,because these spawn rarely is on to when someone dont have got gems...

    3. Events and quest

    3.1 level up its entirely BORING,getting 2k per quest,and you need near 1 million to level up augment rates up to level up,because this make games bored.
    3.2 events... very low rates,mmaking this game extremely bored farming events.with low rates...
    3.3 lastly there are only wind monsters events.... there are 34 cost wind monster,while,there are no yellow 34 cost monster,and only 1 red,1 blue 1,dark 34 cost monster...
    3.4 make events more funnyers,not games only farm farm farm and farm very drop rates...
    3.5 are events that never was repeated... i think a good idea will be add more old events,at same time.


    4.1 game usually is crashing,
    4.2 lastly i have wi fi issues(my game only crash with wi-fi)
    4.3 i think game should priorize on veterans players,i only see newbies with more gear than me,because they have new and beter offers,too they have more future most clarify than us(when most of us began... we never saw 7 weapon slot for example...) now they can see it and prepare his cost more easily than us, they got better dailys than us( buy sloots on inventary,quest reward.. 2 gems) or things as this. they had "free places" in inventory we dont have these quests...
    4.4 make more easier to get "+" items.
    4.5 make infusion items without reforge it.. because its so bored farm pasas,reforge mats...

    this things,are making game extremely boring,and making me thinking to stop to play.

    i think you should solve this things.. or maybe this game will begin to loose players,because so many lancers we are uncheered to play

    P.S Lancer stuck on 170k GS from 6 months. this is enough to make to kill some player from enjoy the game.

    When I read the 1st essay I thought this post was another Lancer Rant Post


      There's just so many things that are wrong and untrue in this post. I don't even know where to start.


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        *puts popcorn on microwave*
        *sits down*
        *waits for popcorn to finish*

      Let's just wait for the retire vets to show up an give you a response bud


        1.1 Well yeah, since Lancers aren't a DPS class and you compare to classes that are actually DPS, of course it has lower damage output.

        1.2 Lancers' attack animations are all faster than a mage's, except for wizard strike/plagued mist and they do extra damage to mages. If you're 170k GS and you can't kill mages with you and your team, it's your problem.

        1.4 Yes, they have high damage, but that's also why they're glass. It doesn't take much to kill an archer. But I do agree crits are overkill. You say lancers have useless skills, but you name 3 main lancer skills that are actually useful?? How many good skills do you need for a class, 10?

        1.5 You say P2P monsters do more damage and are lower cost than Apollo. Obviously, that's why you can only get it from spawn and so that you can still win unis with event monsters.
        Apollo's damage = 90 ap x3, possible 270 ap
        Alice's damage = 160 ap. You CAN do more damage with Apollo

        Avsaris and other balancing monsters CANNOT remove crit buffs, only Vol and Rena can.

        1.7 Yes, the ideal setup for backline is 5 archers, but that does not mean more archers = win. You also have factor in your frontline when it comes to winning guild battles.

        2.1 Lol. Normally, you also get 1 gem every 5 days you log in. Mathematically speaking, through 30 days, you can get 36 gems just from playing gb and login alone. Ateam has been giving us gems through events, new maps, guild raid, mobius and even a free SSR ticket. You can easily do more than 1 spawn a month.

        2.2 How long have you been playing? It's pretty clear that Ateam likes to setup trap spawns for its players. Just take a look at the forums every now and then and you will see people telling you not to do a certain spawn. Do the guaranteed SSR spawns and you'll be safe.

        2.3 Useless process? By throwing in useless SSRs, you can get one that you may have use for. As for the Normal Transmutation, it only says you will get a SR gear. Nowhere does it say you can get a SR -> UR piece.

        2.4 Why would you want that? The game will die out really quick that way because nobody will need to buy gems for spawns anymore.

        2.6 It's Unison League, not Fashion League.

        2.7 Yeah uni blocks are op and should be tweaked, but it's not the only factor that determines a victory in Colo.

        2.8 There are certainly f2p players who are able to save gems just for EXP key spawns

        3.1 2k per quest? Where have you been the past 2 weeks and what have you been grinding for EXP? Each run of Curious Defender gave a minimum of 6k exp during the exp boost event and if you're lucky, an Angelmin King gives 50k+ exp. Even without the exp boost event, you still get roughly 32k exp from an Angelmin King. Leveling up has always been a grind, it's nothing new.

        3.2 If events didn't have low rates, people wouldn't spend gems to farm the items that they needed. That would be a huge loss for Ateam.

        3.3 You say there only Wind events, but then you went ahead and named red, blue, and dark 34 cost monsters??? There's no light 34 cost monster event because it hasn't been released yet. It's only a matter of time.

        3.5 There are events that have been repeated, and most on a weekly basis too.

        4.1 It's probably an issue with your device. I play on my note 4 and I have never crashed before, except during GB.

        4.2 Then it's your problem?

        4.4 It's easy to enough to get pluses. Every x10 fp spawn, you get an average of 1 +. Also, we've had event spawns where plus monsters were obtainable.

        4.5 Uh..put a little bit of effort? Why is this even a problem?

        You say you're stuck on 170k GS for 6 months, but even pluses from 6 months of playing can easily get you 5k GS.


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          Nah 5 k? Porn higher with that 9 man raid spawns lol

          And the hell 170 k gs for 6.months ? Yo do you even play the game. ? Lol

          To be honest even a f2p can get higher than 170 k in 6 months

          Look at Ace chan stats lol his a full f2p and his gotten his gs up every second

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          I'm afraid I must disagree with 2.6

        • Chaz
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          Pharmacy it's FABULOUS league, lol

        Learn to play lancer, the overall best class in the game


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          Oh hold on let me edit my above comment

        • Sachii
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          *looks for guild recruiting lancers*
          *looks for lancers in top guilds*
          *sees only DPS or tank soldier/CB archer/FL mage*


          Lancer's not terrible but calling it the best class in the game is overkill. More like overwhelmingly mediocre.

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          Sachii using the fact of what people are looking for in guilds and what everyone is playing have absolutely nothing to do with what actual performance statistics are, especially when almost every guild is a laughable copycat of high tier strats who don't even know how it works. You're not going to find anything out in this game looking at popular choice.

        Originally posted by Karasu View Post
        1.4 archers got insane damage,hitting multiples times(as mages) but they got burst crit damage,while,in u damage,or play loyalty build or some others build... lancer can't do that,near his skills are useless,except 5 attacks,we can't play another good (kb,double sting,savage sting) are the only good skills in lancer.
        im trying to read through this and i read this line and specifically the last part has me going... '' w h a t ?''

        i cant tell if this is a troll or just a very confused and angry player
        Last edited by Swan; 07-17-2016, 05:57 PM.


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          That's both

        Wait. Worst class in all aspects..? Untrue

        2 lancer guilds later and here we are. Tsk. :/
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          Cover your ears my child lol

        *microwave ends* BIP BIP BIP


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          Hmm I always thought microwaves always made more of a BEEPing sound.

        Sigh, so many things wrong with all your points about Lancers. Where do I begin?

        First off, I'm dedicating a part in my upcoming "Lancer 103" guide titled "This is how you DON'T play Lancers," addressing the common complaints about how Lancers are useless like how you're ranting about it here. (For those of you who were waiting for the guide, think of this and the following points as a "sneak peek")

        - Low DPS? Try Basic Attack + Attack Stance. Throw in a Joan too for good measure. Use your Stings to Break only, not as DPS unless you have to dump cost. Once you Break, spam the hell out of Basic Attack, and you'll be surprised at how much damage you're doing for so little cost, which can be exploited further with a Cost Recovery or 2 to regain cost while attacking, and thus making you less reliant on EE. Think of Basic Attack as a Pseudo Physical multi-hit attack, because you can use it multiple times while waiting for a Sting (twice) or Knight's Blitz (thrice) to go off cooldown, and deal much more damage.

        - Soldiers may have better DPS, but that build leaves them with paper-thin MDEF. They also have to invest into BOTH ATK and DEF to do good damage, because the damage formula combines their total and divides it by 2, so in essence, Lancer ATK scaling is 100% (formula uses 40% of it), while Soldier ATK scaling is 50% (formula uses 20% of it). If they aggro mobs that do Magic attacks like Nemains, they'll end up dying faster than a Lancer who stacked MDEF. Also, Lancer attacks are much more efficient for their cost compared to Soldiers, allowing them to prevent themselves from burning to 0 cost as fast and EE less often.

        - Double Sting is a rather poorly-designed skill with its low base Break bonus, but if you have 2-3 Secret procs with your GB 2.0 Lance, it becomes viable. Once you have a crit rate buff, you'll actually out-DPS Soldiers due to your 5% Crit Damage passive.

        - Single-hit moves generally have high AP behind it. This makes them great against Clerics, and even Soldiers too, both of which stack their defense stats to levels that make multi-hits next to useless. Plus, Break Thrust flat out ignores defense procs, and if you have a few of its Heart procs to supplement your Testaments, it becomes scary.

        - Dying to Mages? Then take off 2 monsters for more armors/helms, and try focusing your defense procs more on Magic Damage Down/Magic Reflection, and the former is often from farmable event armors. Guard? Defense Stance? Maybe both to tank Meteors? Equip more Clothing gear to cover up your MDEF? No matter how you look at it, it is a terrible idea to use 6 30 cost monsters as a Lancer. Glass builds won't cut it unless you stacked Reflection XLs in every slot...

        - Also, Apollo Set is trash. There, I said it. Takes away your Main Slot defense procs, and interferes with your Heart of the Spear activation due to the game prioritizing Main Slot procs of all types when they trigger.

        - Fire Uni is one of the stronger Unis in the game when you count its Unison Attack damage too, facing competition from Wind (due to Kirin and Alice's high single-hit Magic damage), which Fire counters, and Light (erases buffs through Marduk, deals a massive Magic attack as a Unison Attack). Joan is arguably the best Fire utility monster in the game due to her Physical AP ability making your best scaling attack even more powerful.

        - But 30 cost monsters have the advantage over things like Nezha. What's so good about Nezha's damage if he can't move first upon losing to an Apollo Uni? Even though Apollo can miss, at least Fire Unison Attack is so powerful compared to Water or Wind that it compensates for it. Also, leading a Fire Uni with a Nidhogg or two helps maximize the damage Apollo can do.
        Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 07-17-2016, 07:25 PM.

        IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

        This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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          Man laconic for next lancer king candidate

        Will add to Raku 2.2 response... -an item is only "rates up" if the wheel actually gets to its color. Say if ateam for whatever reason made a monster spawn with john cena...i mean kfc having "rates up" well if you get to the rainbow color/ssr great, but that does'nt mean you'll get kfc it just means the rates of getting it are "up". = Ateam Admin = rngesus = illuminati confirmed
        nurse take my physical now please


          Bruh people are right quite a bit of things are untrue... (though I kinda... skipped to reply box xD) So... in gvg u said lancers cant do much essentially but in crystal bring in 1 Lancer or 2 with cheer and all archers or mages. Lancers weaken the crystal and mages/archers get the hits up to max baam free uni + cheers You get uni up faster while having good dps on crystal. I haven't testes but I think its good since break adds uni and with haste moreeee uni thenn winnn winn blahh blahhh and make em die .-. \(0-0)/ Booommmm dead. Someone should test it and msg me! ^~^


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            Umm... Crystals cannot be inflicted with status effects like Break. That would be way too broken (no pun intended).

          • 1Point8IsBad
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            Oh... really?? I swear they can be... ahhhhhh man rip my dreams

          Or... simply make another account do easy spawns and cry about the pewp u get .-. Thats what I did. And got a decent lancer ^~^ Or switch classes. My main account I started as Lancer but only have 3 UR reforable lances... but 6 swords so... i am switching to a dps soldier xP


            I'm a soldier.....why did I read that? O_o


              ... a very..old.. player....huh?

              " impossible we do, miracle we try "