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A few suggestions to lighten up UL:

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    A few suggestions to lighten up UL:

    Developers,Animators, Artist's, Programmers and Admins. I have a few suggestions for this game that might lighten up the mood of the game. I know I have to take into account of being fair, justified, and possible.

    I liked the addition of Stamp rewards to this game from 2 months ago, and the reset button for the Sakura Spawns.
    1. I think there should be a storymode reset (if its possible) to be used for renewing quests along with their prizes (gems). Can only be used every 3 or 6 months.
    Why?: I know it will lower the number of downloads of the game since some partial percent its a players alternative account. However it will ease them from managing to many or wasting them into the UL server. It will also help them access to gems faster than the daily gems. I know you would say "just be patient and save" or "buy some" ,however some of us farm and like to play naturally fair. I hope Im not asking much in this one favor....
    2. Add more item storage to the game;
    Why?: I recently discovered 300 is the max for us to hold gear,Kepasas, etc. which I believe its the same for gear locker. Boost it to 500/500 for both storages at least. I dislike selling gear because of storage. Most of all its needed for new events or new gear coming in.
    3. An Error:
    What is it?: Theres a error on the appearance of one of items in the cosmetic. The items are the alien ones (alien costumes, plus alien saucer) , all of which in "visual appearance" appears as N gear of an archer along with a R monster.

    That is it for now, I hope its not too much to beg.

    Thanks for supporting us players UL and A-Team, Have a nice Friday the 13th.
    Love, Robin your most active gamer (joined in the beginning of 2016)

    Players please comment on my suggestions and approvals or revisions, thanks!
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    Pretty good ideas in my opinion!


      Well i dont know about 1 tho
      Ateam likes making money out of gem offers and they would lose profit of they reset the campaign, i mean no one will buy gems for a while, benefit us but does not benefit ateam if gems were easily for players ateam loses money


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        Yeah, first is way too much. Why should A-Team give away hundreds of gems to everyone just for free?

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        Sounds a cool idea but it will ruin the game or bring shift to the balance

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        Cool! Thanks for me letting me know!

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        Lol 400? Im not even at 200 lmao

      resetting story would be way to much. ateam can't gift so many gems to us, even though it is just 2-4 times a year, but they'd lose so much money
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        I'll pass this on to our developers for evaluation! Thanks for sharing these ideas, Robin! I think they would benefit us all!
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