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34 Cost Monster Events Need More Content

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    34 Cost Monster Events Need More Content

    Thank you for tuning in to the meme lord suggestion thread, today I want to talk about the 34 cost monster events

    These events are very boring and follow a very superficial process
    >start 40 AP
    >get event monster
    >Farm reforge items

    Can we have something added to this to make it less of a grind? Maybe add rare monsters that have a chance to drop a cosmetic or something

    Cause honestly I cannot imagine the agony that archers will have to go through to replace all their Alice's with blue eyes white dragons.. At least make the grind enjoyable

    Potential fixes
    >Add rare monster encounters
    >Chance to drop SR cosmetics
    >Stamp rewards
    >Maybe cool armor that matches 34 cost monsters

    I do like the cosmetics ideas! They would all be implemented on a second rerun of the event tho, since we just had Yuki and JP has all but light so far, but would make it enjoyable
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      Thanks for sharing this, Meme Lord! Let's see what the devs would think of this!


        Originally posted by [MOD
        Marc;n63690]Thanks for sharing this, Meme Lord! Let's see what the devs would think of this!
        That gundam is one of my favorites o_o!!
        Ontopic: honestly i jus feel 1 34 cost grind is toooo much let alone getting a full set or event 2 ateam needs to work on that im not saying they should be easy to reforge but 28 event monsters require 3 orbs to max reforge.. I think ateam should do somthing similar to that maybe n jus shorten the time spand of they event itself


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          Sieg Zeon!

          (Makes me wonder if they'll make brand-new Blessing Gear Sets for all the classes...)

        You can't even get dupes though? lol