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Official Cosmetic Shop Suggestions/Requests Thread

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  • Official Cosmetic Shop Suggestions/Requests Thread

    Hi everyone!

    We often get posts from users with suggestions for additions to the Cosmetic Shop, but I'd like to consolidate them all into one thread to make it easier for us to collate and pass to the team.

    The team just asked us for more ideas, so I'm taking the opportunity to create this thread and gather ideas.

    Post anything and everything you think would be a cool or fun addition to the Cosmetic Shop!

    Signature image courtesy ekichou.

  • #2
    Maybe some Tekken inspired stuff
    That would be amazing


    • #3
      Something Blazblue related; Cute cosplay items relating to characters?


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        Can we get some Sengoku Jidai cosmetics? Oh! Or maybe some cosmetics that are reminiscent of like Fire Emblem for FE C:
        Like... Corrin's suit? Robin's robes?
        Oh! Maybe some Persona cosmetics? Giant Teddy suit C:
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        Fate begins to change."


        • Sir.Starlight
          Sir.Starlight commented
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          I like this idea i support it!

        • Ateam Admin
          Ateam Admin commented
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          Sengoku jidai stuff!
          Shouldn't be too far off

        • MCSwavest
          MCSwavest commented
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          Robin's Robes would be amazing. I would change from F2P to P2P for that lol.

      • #5
        Cosmetic shop:
        Summer hats and caps
        Flower crowns
        Monochrome clothes, there are already a lot of colorful/colourful clothes so something a little different
        Casual clothes something like the winter clothes (already been suggested)
        .......Cat ears
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        • Link
          Link commented
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          Cat ears are already existing as Spawn Gear.

        • Guest's Avatar
          Guest commented
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          Link thanks

        • -Nyx-
          -Nyx- commented
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          They don't have actual cat ears, just headbands and hats with cat ears on them. ;_;

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        All I want is some casual clothes. Like maybe some seasonal ones with fall and winter having coats and scarves and spring and summer have short sleeves, etc.


        • youbetterrun
          youbetterrun commented
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          looks like they added the limi relic, okay then :3

        • Ateam Admin
          Ateam Admin commented
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          That was created a while back so it was purely coincidence, but yep

        • youbetterrun
          youbetterrun commented
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          ah figured. Couldn't have been that fast

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        Maybe the possibility to not having hair would be great, and it's really easy to implement


        • Viv
          Viv commented
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          Yes! All the face models are bald already. Make it available to players! XD

        • Yumi
          Yumi commented
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          Lmao viv x)

      • #8
        Elemental Apostle-colored Cyclist (spandex shirt and shorts) outfits!
        "Unafraid because His armor is the best
        But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest"



        • #9
          these are the ones that i'd like to see:

          - casual clothes for every season
          - pj's/sleepwear - there could also be bedhair to go with it

          ...these are actually the only ones i can think of right now .-.
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            Don't give us western stuff anymore, we wanna be as cute as Japanese version!!!


            • Discomfit
              Discomfit commented
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              We wanna be weebs*

          • #11

            Give us hoodie-and-shorts & vest-and-shorts skater style.

            * Characters designed by HatsyaSouji/ShiningHatsya for his Wattpad (and soon Amazon e-book) Literary RPG series.
            "Unafraid because His armor is the best
            But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest"



            • #12
              This might be a bit much to ask, but please add Valkryie cosmetics.
              Ex: Dark Valk Outfit, Wind Valk Outfit.
              I know we already have Valk based weapons abd gear but I means something purely for looks that makes you look a bit more like the elemental maidens we see on the field. :^)


              • Irvinni
                Irvinni commented
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                They're better off making such good-looking, game related gear as UR spawn stuff.

            • #13
              Can we get more casual wear? Would love to see a generic hoodie+jeans armor ^^
              Too casual for signatures...


              • #14
                Mini pets that float around u. Kinda like the expedition limi but not as big. As for how they might look like, mini versions of the monsters we already have? Mini valks with torsos would be nice :3


                • Arny
                  Arny commented
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                  I loove this ideaaa <3

                • DraconicArcher
                  DraconicArcher commented
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                  It probably be annoying to add but make your main monster follow you around in lobbys? Like you can see it and others too. and if its a flying monster or a floating one have it hover you. 030 030 030 030 030 030 030

                • Figo
                  Figo commented
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                  I've had this idea too! And I love it, maybe even being able to name them would be nice, they would have their own nametag.

              • #15
                Old school lolita! I posted a link on reddit but I'll post it here too: (removed link)

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                • MilkyCream
                  MilkyCream commented
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                  ❤︎~SooOOOO Kawaii~❤︎