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Which idea of a crossover would you like?

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    The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

    A guildmate brought up this collab idea, and we all agreed that it would be pretty amazing. Many of the characters fit quite well into Unison League's class system, providing great opportunities for gear, and monsters as well. (In truth though, The mage might be a bit lacking. I hear that magic is more prominent in the second half of the novels, but the anime hasn't reached that point just yet. Still waiting on season three!)

    A few examples:
    • Daryun's armor would be perfect for cosmetics and Lancer gear.
    • Narsus' painting "skill" is prime material for a unique monster animation.
    • Arslan himself would make a good buff monster, his surprising ability in leadership being centric to the series.
    • Prince Hilmes is an obvious choice for a Dark-element monster, and his silver mask is a must for cosmetic gear.
    • Gieve and Farangis are always bantering, and it would be interesting to see the player character's reaction during the story missions. They could also fill the roles of Cleric (or Treasure Hunter) and Archer support characters, respectively.

    That covers most of the main cast. As I said, a variety of opportunities are present for a collab, and I hope Ateam seriously considers one. I can try and post more ideas here or in a new thread if anyone wants to hear me ramble on some more.

    On a side note, our guild has also agreed that, despite being largely F2P, there's an extremely high chance we would make an exception if this collab ever came about. Hint, hint! :P

    Credits to TakaEdakumi for the awesome Limimin Emote avatar!

    Want shared Guild cosmetics? Guild Hall furnishing? Music selection, cosmetic furniture, and monster placement for your room? Like or comment on this suggestion thread and we'll see what happens!


    • TakaEdakumi
      TakaEdakumi commented
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      Eee, my idea! Thanks for putting it into words, Pres~

      My life would totally be complete if this was a collab...! <3

    You know, i'm not really surprised everyone wants an sao even but if it did come, the amount of kiritos would increase by 50%


    • Bryan_the_guy
      Bryan_the_guy commented
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      i think it would increase by 3x or 300%, or at least for the chances to see a active krirto in lobby.

    • ShadedPhøenix
      ShadedPhøenix commented
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      I forgot to includes true numbers sorry. I underestimated

    • arsenic_Elly
      arsenic_Elly commented
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      we already have a **** ton of them anyways lmaoo what would make a difference?? kiritos would be increased by 98% and nearly everyone would either A) change their names or B) make accs and work the **** outta em lmao

    Pls do forum collab crossover and add them ships like Arthur and I ;; we are so cute together that there's even a thread. (Somewhere around here idk how to link it cuz im typing this on my phone.)


      trails of cold steel




          Vocaloid or Assassination Classroom Collabbb.
          Forget "Miku Collab' and take the spotlight away to others lol. Assassinations Classroom opens up to a BUNCH of monster possibilities lolol.


            POO COLLAB!!!

            What? It's a legit suggestion.


            Sword: Sword of poo "Excalipoo"
            Ability: Smelly Slash XL
            Chance to greatly increase damage dealt, and cause "Nausea" (Blind, confuse, Miama)

            Lance: Lance of Poo "Pooscalon"
            Ability: Smelly Thrust XL
            Same as sword

            Staff: Staff of Poo "Rod of Poosclepius"
            Ability: Smelly Aura XL
            Same as above but for magic attack.

            Bow: Bow of poo "Poo-Not"
            Ability: Smelly Arrow XL
            Same but for archers

            Relic: Book of Poo "Necropoomicon"
            Ability: Smell repellent XL
            Chance to greatly increase healing, and increasing resistance to "Nausea"

            Robe: Robe of Poo "Golden Coat of Poo"
            Ability: Smell resistance XL
            Chance to greatly increase magic defense, and resistance to Nausea.

            Armor: Armor of Poo "Poovacha"
            Ability: Smell resistance XL
            Same as above but for physical attacks.

            Helm: Helm of Poo "Pooswith"
            Ability: smell resistance XL
            Same as above for physical attacks.

            Hat: Hat of Poo "Crown of Pooping"
            Ability: Smell resistance XL
            Same as above for magic attacks.

            Monster: "Poodragon"
            Ability: Poo Breath
            AP: 200
            Hits all enemies for 2 times for physical, and magical damage.
            70% chance to cause Nausea.

            UR version: "Diarrhea Poodragon"
            Same as above.
            Also casts Smell immunity on all allies.

            See? I told ya it was a legit suggestion...


            • Kisey
              Kisey commented
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              I like this guy

            • Vegecat
              Vegecat commented
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              You forgot to add Cecotropes, but it really should be a consumable rather than just a relic Helps with certain nutrient deficiencies and with normalizing GI function, especially after antibiotic like that?

            • Keiryu
              Keiryu commented
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              Maybe if the weapons had skills. That could be one of them.

              Also. Fun fact. With the exception of the Poodragon. Who i was originally gonna call Artorius Poodragon. All the gear is based on some kind of mythological weapon/armor/helm.

              Last edited by Keiryu; 07-02-2018, 12:04 PM.

            bungou stray dogs


              What about a My Hero Academia collab? That would be fun.


                Saint seiya or Inuyasha


                  Rwby pleaseeeee!


                    Hellsing ._.


                      What about Fire Emblem?
                      I’ve been playing Heroes since launch date. It has a great popularity.
                      If i recall correctly it is in the top mobile games since launch date.
                      I think it would be great to see Unison League x Fire Emblem Heroes.
                      Mind telling the team about it Avia? I mean it’s not a bad idea.


                        My collab wishlist:

                        -Monster Hunter
                        -Azure Striker Gunvolt
                        -Xenoblade Chronicles
                        -Fire Emblem


                          Jojo for sure
                          and Splatoon would be awesome