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Fishing ideas

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    Fishing ideas

    As we all know.. Fishing is kinda useless now. At the moment there aren't even things to exchange. Only the rod and those baits. Even the passas we had before were gone and also really expensive!

    One of my ideas is that they include more things to fish. We also get garbage like those stinky shoes, but why not some limi cookies or even one gem as "garbage" to fish? Or some keys.. Not like all of the time but with a low chance to get some useful stuff.

    Than include some fishing missions. Maybe weekly like "get 200 fish for one gem" mycoles or something like that.

    And things for exchanging fish stones. Maybe some mustache eggs or really those passas again but not for this huge amount of stones! Maybe for 10-20 stones? Or include some fishing cosmetics? Like a "N" or "R" fish hat or a fishing outfit or whatever! I would also appreciate some gear maybe not that low so it would be a kind of farm event like those ongoing events.

    I just think there are a lot of opportunities but it's kinda sad to see those feature slowly dying. Because it wasn't a bad idea! Right now I have like 600 baits? Because I really see no reason to go fishing 😐

    I also don't know if there exists a similar post. If that has already been said I apologize! Also sorry for my english xD Hope you guys understand tho xD
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    I like this idea. More people would definitely fish for limi cookies (even if it’s for like.... 5 cookies... heck I’ll take it). Or in the exchange maybe some berries even?

    this would definitely make fishing relevant again. >.<
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